Saturday, November 3, 2012

Yarnies I love - #5 - Olive and Emma

Last in my series of yarnies I love, but most definitely not the least - Olive and Emma is a relatively new business as far as yarn dyeing businesses go, but she's started with a hiss and a roar! And that's no surprise considering Emma dyes stunning colourways - both variegated with a matching trim as well as lovely rich semi solid colours.

Emma is a perfectionist, and so her dyeing is a labour of love. I know she spends a long time planning and dyeing her yarn, followed by reskeining, naming and photographing professionally. And if you purchase from Emma, the yarn arrives packaged beautifully and feels like a real treat to get.

I have knitted with a fair bit of Olive and Emma yarn - Emma kindly helps me out, providing me with just the right colour I'm after for test knits or projects for the children. It sure beats trying to find the right colour in shops! I have a number of projects lined up for the remaining O&E in my stash.

'Stone' for my Greyson

'Evergreen' for my Katniss

Lovely 4ply for my Poplar (I called this one Laguna)

And I've loved using it in projects for the kids
This is a Romper I knitted for David in her 'Ocean'
I know right! Super cute! And the colour is so perfect for my gorgeous blue eyed boy. I always wanted to knit one of these and when my last ever bebe, David suddenly was 18 months old I realised it was now or never!

And here's David again, this time as a little baby - but wearing knitteds in yarn Emma had dyed and gifted to me to knit up. Emma is super generous and has been dyeing for years, but giving most of it away to her friends. Actually, she's still incredibly selfless and often pops extras in my parcels, such a lovely surprise everytime I order!

Hmm, maybe I have a bit of a thing for blues and greys? You think?

On my 'to do' list is to order a variegated and trim set from Emma - she dyes the most divine colours! I don't actually have any in my stash - but here's a pic of one of her recent stockings - you see a mini set, some semi solids and some variegated sets. Delish right?

Can you believe she's actually a very busy mum of 2 young children as well? She does regular stockings on her Facebook page here but if you ask nicely, she does custom orders as well.

Check out all the lovely projects knitted in her yarns HERE or stashed colourways/yarns HERE on Ravelry

Friday, November 2, 2012

And the giveaway winner is...

TrulyMyrtle! Congratulations! I'm sorry I was a little slow with drawing the winner of my Sweet Treats Giveaway - I've been a little caught up with sick kids and pattern designing testing!

But it really didn't take long to plug the numbers into Random Number Generator and for it to throw out a number and winner for me.

I'll be in touch regarding your prize! And thank you to everyone who might've popped over and visited my blog from Blogtoberfest. I definitely intended to blog more often, but it just didn't happen as much as I'd have liked!