Thursday, November 24, 2011

I spy with my little eye something beginning with P

Today's entry is brought to you by the letter P.

P for Penny with the Pox
Penny got her first spot on Tuesday, gradually her chicken pox have spread over her torso and legs, we were happy that her face seemed to have missed spots - but she's woken up with them on her face and head today. I'm hoping she's fine by her first school visit in a weeks time! This pic is a pretty tame one of her spots, but it's G rated ;)

P is also for Present
This beautiful present arrived from my friend Hannah of Red Riding Hood Yarns yesterday evening. It's a skein of her 10ply hand-dyed in the colourway Green with Envy (which since playing Dingbats as a kid I always think of as Greenvy these days). Included was also a lovely note and a 'smiley happy people' LUSH (omg, I've never had lush stuff but it smells and looks soooooo good) package. Inside is a delcious looking soap, bodywash and emotibomb - so lovely! Thanks so much Hannah xxx

And finally - no pic for this, but P might also be for pattern development...but it's only at swatching and figuring out stage at the moment.

Enjoy your Thursday! xxx

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Wednesday Snapshots

I thought I might try and pop up some snapshots regularly - perhaps of things I'm working on, things the kids are up to, that kind of thing

These were taken yesterday at about 5pm. Known to many households with children as the arsenic hour.

At my place, I was making dinner while Timothy made a birthday cake, complete with candle.

Penny drew a picture. This one depicts what happened earlier in the morning. I was doing the kindy drop off with the three children, it was pouring with rain. When I finally got everyone buckled in to the car I found I must've locked my keys in the car. So here we are trapped in the car, with it raining outside while we waited for my husband to come home (after trying various doors and windows). The people you can see in the car are me, David and Penny. Penny said you can't see Timothy, he sits on the other side of the car - which is right.

And Mr 9 months old today was having a marvellous time trying out all the pizza toppings for the homemade pizzas I was making.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sock Blocker Pre-Christmas Special

Christmas is coming, what better way to treat a knitter you know, or buy some for your kids to wrap up for you for Christmas!

10% off all our sock blockers

Made of a lovely biscuity coloured kauri laminated ply (sourced locally), they are great for blocking those newly knit socks to just the right shape. The ply is smooth and thin, perfect for slipping into your socks with no snags.

Available in 5 different sizes:

* Kids (2 sizes - child or baby),
* Small (women's sizes 5-7NZ, 22.5cm)
* Medium (women's sizes 7.5-9NZ, 25.5cm)
* Large (women's and men's sizes 10+NZ, 27.5cm)

And the price is now even harder to beat!
$15 each now $13.50 each
2 (they don't have to be 2 the same size) for $28 $25.20...ok, let's make it a straight $25
3 for $40 $36, that's $12 each!
Kids ones (child or baby sized) $10 each $9

If you'd like to order or ask further questions, email me -

This special is for New Zealanders only, postage is additional ($7.50 for Nth Island, 12.50 for Sth Island). Pick up from Lower Hutt also available. Please be aware that Blair makes them to order, so they can take approx 2 weeks for delivery. Discount runs until the 15th of December.