Monday, January 27, 2014

M.I.A - Missing in Action

Taken from my place in December 2013
Missing in Action.  That's what it feels a bit like at the moment.
I definitely was getting a bit slack with the blogging last year. Interestingly enough my last entry was in July, which was also the same month my Father in Law passed away in 2013.
But October was really when everything was flipped upside down. On the 10th of October 2013 my husband came off his road bike at speed, taking the impact on his head - an impact which also caused his fractured clavicle (broken collarbone) and the smashing up of his helmet. And ultimately - his traumatic brain injury.

So, let's just say I haven't spent much time knitting, let alone designing patterns since then. I feel now (approximately 3.5 months later) that I really want to knit, but solo parenting 3 kids (7, 5 and 3) whilst my husband is a full time resident in a brain rehab unit can kinda keep you pretty busy and kill the ability to concentrate. Have I mentioned how much I'm looking forward to school being back next week???

Though, in saying that, how precious are my kids? (I've got to take this opportunity to show photos so you can compliment me/us on them!)

My husband WILL be discharged in the next month or so. But the reality is that being discharged doesn't mean that our lives will be the same. We sure hope we get back to something similar to the life we had - but we also realise that for now, our lives aren't the same and we'll just take things day by day. Thank you to everyone who has helped us out since then, I have a list so long it puts me off writing thank you's right now. I will thank you all personally, promise!

So, there you go. If you've been wondering why I haven't replied to your message about a pattern (oh I'm so so sorry!) or haven't commented on your projects lately, hopefully that might make things a bit clearer.

Wishing you a safe and uneventful 2014. Now go and kiss those kids of yours and smooch your partner. We never realise how good our quiet everyday moments are until we lose them (for a bit, hopefully).