Tuesday, August 31, 2010

From The Dyepot

I've been doing a bit of yarn dyeing lately, some for items for Craft 2.0 and others just because I didn't quite have the colour I wanted in my stash for knitting.

Firstly, I dyed this yarn and knit this Kaia Babydoll for one of my niece's 1st birthday

This sunshiney yellow was dyed up to test out Shannon's new breezy pattern which is still being tested
(I'm yet to take a better modelled picture sorry, the weather's been so terrible!)

Then these have been dyed up in the last week - I was going for subtle rather than bold and bright, each is a ball of 200gms.
You should see all of the bottom 4 knit up and for sale at Wellington's Craft 2.0 on the 30th of October.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Who Doesn't Like A Cable Or Two?

I've got a bit of a thing for cables - and I recently tried popping them into the raglan of my Little Rascals pattern (these were both in the cardi version - Young Einstein)

This was the first one...the colour is all wrong, it's actually a much deeper raspberry red type colour, but you get the idea. To see more info on it you can pop here
And the back:

To do this one I used a C4B cable for the 1st and 3rd raglan and a C4F for the 2nd and 4th (to get mirrored ones on the front and back). I cabled every 6th row (starting with the 5th row)

I changed my raglan increasing with a KFB to 3 st from where the marker would be normally within the pattern. I moved my stitch markers to just after my first KFB for each raglan which worked fine I just needed to remember when dividing for the sleeves and checking stitch counts that I had moved them 2 stitches.

I thought I could make the cable pop a bit more - so this one was knit up in a lovely silky bamboo and wool blend - Bella Baby Layette.

I knit this one by using a yo for the raglan increases instead of the increasing used in the pattern. For the 1st and 3rd cables I used a C4F every 6th row and for the 2nd and 4th I used a C4B.
I do have more planned, perhaps in bigger sizes so I can pop in a bigger cable of some description, and I'm thinking this would look equally good on either a Hotshot or Little Hoodlum

Friday, August 20, 2010

Gotta Make You Smile

You know when you are so focussed on something - and then looking back you find something that makes you crack up?

I was taking photos of Penny in this dress - an Eden's Eve designed by Georgie Hallam (and able to be knit by myself and any of the Coco Kids team for orders).

I used self striping magicline which is 100% cotton, and I was taking a few snaps on a day that the sun was finally shining in my conservatory. In fact it was still freezing outside, but it was nice enough to actually strip off Penny's woollen singlet and woollen layers and take a quick pic.

Anyway, I think the fit and colour of it is just lovely, but as I was going through the photos, I found this one:

I had to laugh - Tim was playing in the conservatory at the same time, but I hadn't realised he was even in the frame for this pic. It perfectly sums up my rascally little rogue.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Teacher's Pet

Wahoo! My Teacher's Pet pattern has been released!

Teacher’s Pet is a simple and seamless (top-down) pattern for a gorgeous yet practical wee dress.

The Teacher’s Pet pattern contains a number of options:
  • 3 different skirt options - a full skirt, a box pleat and a petal style pleat
  • the option of a hood
  • belt and belt loops
  • eyelet holes for a ribbon or i-cord
  • a variety of hem options
  • garter or moss stitch edges  
  • instructions for knitting a contrast edge

Sizings range from a 17” chest (3-6 months) up to a 23” chest (4 years) with instructions for a 25” chest (size 6) and 27” chest (size 8) to follow

The patterns can be knit in either DK (8ply) or worsted weight (10ply) as long as a 20 sts gauge is used.

The pattern also includes a printer friendly version at the end - so it’s possible to download the full pdf with all the info and pretty pictures, but if you prefer to save paper and ink simply print the last few pages of the pdf.

If you wish to purchase it, click this link here or you can vist Ravelry here and see all the other lovely finished projects that have been loaded.
I am available to knit a Teacher's Pet in any of her variations for you, email me for more information or if you have any questions regarding the pattern.