Sunday, November 29, 2009


Seriously! I'm so excited by my new toy!

Here it is!

It's an Ashford Traditional spinning wheel. Now I know little else besides that it's something I really want to master! I love the idea of being able to spin some fibre into gorgeous handspun! I'll have to go and find all the spinning books at the library as soon as the crazy Christmas season is over.

Now all we need is a sheep (I think a wee sheep in the backyard would get on beautifully with the dogs, cats and kids! Can you get dwarf sheep though...)

The spinning wheel originally belonged to someone at Brooklynne's embroidery guild and Brooklynne was given the job of rehoming it! Lucky me. On collection she also gifted me some lovely fibre to start with.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Need Photos?

It's so exciting when friends launch their own WAH (work at home) businesses.

A teaching buddy of mine Rachael has just launched her new photography business - check it out here, she's amazing.

I'm so excited about it too because not only does she take fabulous photos, but she approached me about knitting some hats for a newborn-infant photo shoot she is doing early in 2010. And as I don't have the permissions/licenses to knit all the hats she'd like, she's part-paying me with a photo shoot for my family.

How exciting is that! So watch this space to
a) see the photos of the finished hats - some of which are new ones that will be added to my custom knitting list
b) see the family/kids shots courtesy of Rach
and c) find out how I'm going to lose 20kgs (yeah right!) before I get my photo taken

All the best for your venture Rach!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

You Heard It Here First

There's an amazing new yarn dyer and business joining the industry.

Brooklynne has set up Grrrl Shaped Yarns and has some of the most gorgeous yarn  I've seen or felt. On Wednesday at the local Stitch and Bitch knitting night I just couldn't resist leaving with some of this. The sheen and softness of this yarn has is just fabulous.

Theresa - 50/50 Merino Silk
This is a very special yarn that starts with a story. I met my friend Pam on Ravelry nearly 2 years ago and we became rather close, supporting each other in times of trouble. One of the things that has been troubling her for a while is, her sister Theresa was diagnosed with cancer a few years back and it has been a rough battle that keeps getting harder to fight for Theresa. I wanted to help but there wasn't much I could do, so i dyed this yarn in Theresa's favorite colour tealy blue with some shot of white hope in honour of Theresa. This yarn is kettle dyed.

50% of all proceed will be donated to UC Davies Cancer Research in Theresa's name, an organization that has been helping Theresa fight her war!

50% silk / 50% wool natural yarn, 100 gram skein 430 yards, 400 metres

Will make luxurious socks, beautifully soft scarves and hats. Lovely for "against the skin" wear. This yarn has is super soft with an amazing drape, but will also block beautifully.

Now, there are lots of other great yarns that Brooklynne stocks, and I've heard that there is a bamboo merino blend on the way this week too, plus she does custom slots also.

On top of all that, Brooklynne has offered to sell our Swifts via her site! Check this out

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Talk About Quick and Painless

I've been meaning to cast on this test knit for the talented Rachel since she's further perfecting the pattern for her Kaia Babydoll (Rachel also designed the Spring Butterfly I knit a couple of months ago). I've loved seeing friends knit them up but hadn't got around to knitting one myself. I saw a gap in the 'to do list' and so took the opportunity to cast this on. 3 days later and a size 3 Kaia Babydoll came off the needles.

My friend Kelly had sent me a ball of hand-dyed merino earlier this year...back when I hadn't discovered luxury yarn...or the pull it would have on me! So the 'Parisian Girl' hand dyed by The Dyepot was used for the bodice and a lovely soft and light Moda Vera merino blend was used for the skirt.

Add a ribbon and my wee princess - and voila! An excellent fit and a wonderful item - great with long sleeves underneath for winter, and like the pic, without for those warmer days :)

Great work Rachel!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Custom knitting - full steam ahead!

Wow! I've taken a couple of big orders lately and so my custom order slots are closed now until the new year. I'm going to add a little text box down the side though to let people interested in placing an order see when I'll be next available.

Watch this space now for some F.O's (finished objects)

Thanks to all those that have been so supportive and interested in the launch of Coco Kids and my custom knitting!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

~ For You ~

I decided it was time I knitted something for my baby boy (who's not such a baby any more). When you are due to have a babe in Summer and you don't find out what flavour you are having, you don't (ok, well I haven't) do all the pre-baby knitting. In fact, I did no pre-baby knitting for my beloved boy.

And then, when our wonderful wee boy did arrive, there were lots of other people to knit for that were due to have babes (once the new baby fog lifted).

Seeing as Timothy has been bursting up and out of all the knitted things we have had for him, I decided that it was time I knitted him something special. I found the most gorgeous yarn and had it custom dyed, this colourway was created by Mich at Woollywumpkins for me, it's a 10ply/aran organic merino in the colourway 'treetops'.

Then the pattern - Debbie Bliss' Ribbed Baby Jacket. I decided on the size 12-24 months as Tim doesn't fit anything under a size 1 these days (and seeing as it's only 6 weeks till he turns 1 that's no surprise).

Then the knitting, it was a great, soft, easy, quick knit.

And the result, a lovely jacket...but not as fitting as I'd like. It is a bit big for Tim at the moment, but come winter when it's cold and he's wearing plenty of layers I'm sure he'll look like warm and snuggly in it.

I suppose Tim's big sister might get to wear it first? That's one way to make the most of forking out for luxury yarn (though Mich did offer fabulous prices!) Gotta love green yarn! Suits boys and girls equally well I think.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

It's Launch Day!

Welcome to my blog!

You'll see a lot of this wee guy of mine, and his big sister here as my models. Both these pics were taken yesterday when we were enjoying hanging outside.

I'm a little nervous actually, up until now I've been blogging without an audience...just giving myself a chance to get things up and running before inviting others. But the 1st of November is here and although I don't know if I'm mentally ready yet to be 'public' - I've got to start sometime!

You'll see that I have permission to knit a number of items - if you are the first customer that I book (and it doesn't have to be for November) then you'll be able to choose a free matching item to accompany your order when it arrives!

You can choose from a:
Pinny for a Dolly
Daisy Clutch Bag
Vanilla Soaker (newborn size)
Cupcake Hat
All Year Round Vest (newborn size)

AND - for the next 3 orders I book, you'll receive a free itti bitti britches, to use either as a christmas decoration or keyring - made to match the item(s) you order if you wish.

If you'd like to order anything or contact me with any enquiries then please email me via

You may have come here from Coco Kids - a great new venture that I am part of along with my friends Ali and Kate. Feel free to visit there too and have a look around!

I'd love some followers too - go on 'follow me' and add me to your blogroll!