Friday, December 17, 2010

Giveaway Winners!

Here you go! The winners (yes plural) to my Sew, Mama Sew! Christmas giveaway!

Firstly, using this random number selector I drew the number...
Can you see that? It's the number 4

And number 4 belongs to Alison - so Alison, I'll be contacting you about your prize! Alison mentioned she was keen on dishcloths or the Teacher's Pet pattern - I'll see what I can do!

Then I figured that seeing as I had 193 comments I really should draw another winner. This time the random selector drew number...

This one belongs to Laura of Harvest Lane (next time I'm going to have to figure out how people add numbers to their wasn't a problem counting to find number 4, but number 113 took a bit longer, and I wanted to do it twice to check I had the right winner!) Laura is in the US and was after some red stitch markers - I'm sure I can accommodate that!

Congratulations winners, I'll be in touch shortly to organise your prizes with you!

Thanks so much to everyone that stopped by, especially all the new visitors to my blog! I hope perhaps some choose to stop by again.

I had a great time visiting so many new and wonderful blogs that I hadn't found before and entering all the giveaways. I'm looking forward to the next one!

Oh, and local Wellingtonian people, completely unrelated, but did you realise that there is a Craft 2.0 on at the Dowse tomorrow? A great chance for last minute Christmas shopping! I'll be there, but not selling Coco Kids things this time, instead I'm helping out on the Craft Cash :)

Monday, December 13, 2010

Bloggers Giveaway Day!

Well, it's Bloggers Giveaway Day according to Sew Mama Sew!

You know what that means? I'm going to give something away!

Now, I couldn't decide what to give away, so here you can choose what you'd like! I'm happy to giveaway any of the knitted items in my 'Items for Sale' tab

Some of the items available to be won


If none of them take your fancy, you can choose a pack of 2 handknitted cotton dishcloths

(they might just be a couple of these ones even)


I've released a couple of series of knitting patterns - you can find more information HERE about my Teacher's Pet dresses and The Little Rascals series. I'm happy to gift the winner a full copy of both for their personal use if that's what you'd like!


Some handmade stitch markers...I wish I had a better picture of ones I've made in the past, but you can let me know what colour you like and I'll custom make a set of 6 just for you :)


I'll make a set of 2 matching bibs - let me know whether they're for a girl or boy (or unisex) and what age approximately and I'll make some specially (and carefully, promise!)

All you have to do is:
Comment on this post letting me know which item you'd like to win, a way to get hold of you (pref. email address) and where in the world you are. I'm happy to post anywhere, though of course, for some countries it won't get there till the New Year.

If you post about my giveaway on your own blog or post the link to my giveaway on Facebook or somewhere else, let me know in the same comment too and I'll give you an extra entry.

I'll close entries on Friday December the 17th at 9pm NZ time and announce the winner (drawn randomly) by 10pm on the 17th NZ time.

I'll have the package ready to post by the 20th! So if the winner is in NZ, the prize may even get there by Christmas!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Time for a new hat

My son has only worn a hat that he inherited from his sister lately - it's been his firm favourite. It looks a bit like a watermelon or strawberry and is incredibly floppy, so much so that I don't know how he knows where he is going most of the time.

Now while he looks gorgeous in whatever, when I was invited to a night of catching up with some lovely playcentre mums I haven't seen for ages as well as learning how to sew a bucket hat (which could possibly replace the 'berry') I jumped at the chance.

The pattern that we were using was this one here by Sew Much Ado - it's fab for someone like me that needs pictures! I didn't use any interfacing, my fabric from Lewis' was quite heavy and so I hoped that would be enough to stop the flop factor.

So - although I cut out my fabric on the tute-night, it wasn't until today that I finally sewed it together.

And it seems to fit both my almost 2 and almost 4 year old just nicely (they both have 49cm heads) You'll have to excuse the just sewn together pics, it really does sit nicely even if the pictures of it on Tim's head look a little crooked. And it's reversible too!


It won't be the last hat I make I don't think! source me some Wiggle fabric, I have one obsessed little boy that's been asking Santa for Wiggly stuff in his stocking and at the moment I have a feeling he might be very disappointed!

A new hobby

Well, here it is - it's official. I'm no longer scared of sewing and using a sewing machine.

In fact I love how quick it is! Here's my new toy (thanks again Christine)

This machine is a bit special actually. It's a Singer Touch-Tronic 2010 and they've never been sold in NZ or Australia...just one of the reasons why the couple of sewing machine servicemen I've visited have said that they won't service it. As well as that, it's made in the US (in 1983), so needed a special transformer. Oh, and I am yet to track down more bobbins for it, they don't appear to sell bobbins that fit it in NZ either. But it's a lovely old machine with fabulous stitches and a self winding bobbin and all that. VERY cool!

Right, onto the sewing...

The first things I attemped were a few bibs (my first ones are the ones on the left) - after these ones though I realised there were a few things I could do to hide where I'd turned them in the right way - and so then I whipped up the ones on the right (which are lined with towelling as well for extra absorbency) and fleece backed. I'm pretty happy with how they turned out!

Oh, and the ones below are actually for Timothy. It's true, for the last 2 years, his best best bibs have been ones with pink handbags on them. I decided it was time he had some slightly more masculine ones (funnily enough, although the blue minky one looked fabulous on him tonight he kept trying to rip it off as he couldn't tuck the bottom of it in under the edge of the table. The red cow ones are modelled on his handbag ones and so he was much happier wearing one of those).

I think I may have bibs sussed now! Thanks too Lisa for the loan of your snap press and all your snaps, and for the demonstration on how to use it Claire :)

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas giving

I always struggle at Christmas time to give presents that are meaningful - both for me giving them, as well as the person receiving them (it's not much good giving people presents that you feel good about but that they don't want!).

I'm not sure if my family sees it exactly as a gift but for the last couple of years I've also tried to do something to ensure that I'll be around for many many many more Christmasses. I'm sure there are loads of simple things, but last year I decided to go for a much overdue smear, this year I've just had some moles removed. Who knows what it will be next year, but I reckon if there's something you've been putting off that you should go and do it.

Another thing I would definitely do if I could this Christmas is donate blood. Some of the ads they have played on telly here almost bring me to tears, I suppose just because it highlights the different kinds of people that need blood and blood products - I was a bit surprised from just looking at this that 21% goes to cancer patients.

And here are a few more interesting facts about blood donation...

• 42,000 patients are treated with blood or blood products in New Zealand each year

• Blood only lasts 35 days

• Only 4% of us currently roll up our sleeves and donate

• With each donation you can save up to 3 lives

• NZ requires 3,000 donations each and every week to meet hospital needs

• You can get tea, coffee, juice and chocolate biscuits after every donation!!

Obviously, there are tons of other things you can do at this time of the year for others - have you got anything special planned? There's nothing like the buzz you get when you choose to do something for others that is unexpected and that you don't have to do but choose to do.

Wishing you a relaxing run-up to the crazy Christmas season.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas Pressies?

Still after a few Christmas presents?

I've just popped a few of my pre-knitted items over on my 'Items for Sale' tab with 15% off. Just click on the tab and see if there's anything there that takes your fancy

If you're interested in sets of dishcloths and swifts keep an eye out, I'll be loading more of these shortly as well (or flick me an email and let me know and I'll be in touch)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Auctions Are Live

Just a follow on from my blog post the other day about the Kate Buntine Foundation auctions over at Woolly Butts - they're live now and postage is free/included for those in Aus and NZ :)

Here's the link

Monday, November 29, 2010

Kate Buntine Foundation Fundraising

There are another round of auctions ready to go HERE for fundraising for the Kate Buntine Foundation.

Just a selection of the items being auctioned

The auctions are in Australia, so the prices are $AUD. There is free postage within Australia, but people in NZ may need to pay more to get it flown across the Tasman.

From the site:
The auctions will be held during the first week of December.

The auctions will preview for 48 hours before going live on Wednesday, 1st December when you will be able to bid.

They will all close for bidding on Friday, 3rd December with the first item ending at 5pm (AEST Victorian Daylight Savings Time).

Closing times are staggered at 10-minute intervals, with the last auction closing at 8.40pm.

Please familiarise yourself with the ending times of any items you may be interested in.

As usual all monies raised go to the Kate Buntine Foundation, which supports young children who have been diagnosed with Type I Juvenile Diabetes.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Baking Therapy

When worried or stressed there are a couple of things I chocolate, knit and sometimes, if the mood strikes I'll bake (though never anything complicated...biscuits are a favourite, you can eat lots of them and no-one else ever really knows how many there were)

I've baked something every day since hearing the news of the 29 Pike River miners trapped 4 days ago. It wasn't until I sat to post the easy recipe I've recently discovered that I realised the relationship between the two. I have found myself watching the clock, making sure I'm by the tv when the media releases are due hoping for developments and progress. I know it's cliched, but my heart and thoughts go out to those who are waiting for news of a loved one. When they read the names and ages today of each of the 29 men, I couldn't help but feel a bit weepy when really realising that the '29 men' were each someone's son, husband, brother, father, uncle, best mate, cousin, neighbour, work colleague....all loved dearly by many I'm sure.

It's made me think of my own Dad too, he was born and bred in Greymouth. No doubt he'd know a family name or two, he'd be really concerned and interested, he'd recognise streets and buildings the media are showing.  Dad was also a fireman and later a volunteer fireman so understood about different gases and rescue procedures - and he was almost the same age as the oldest guy down there when he (my Dad) died. I heard the name of the 62 year old down there today and wondered how his wife, kids, grandkids, brothers and sisters were faring in particular.

While I'm waiting for the 10:30pm news update, hoping that the bore will have broken through the last 30m since the last update at dinner time, I thought I'd post this very simple recipe I've been overusing. The kids like them...and I've eaten more than my fair share too. I like that they don't need much butter, even if they do use 2 packets of highly artificially coloured sugar/gelatine!

Jelly Crystal Biscuits

100 g butter
2x 85 gram packets
1/4 cup sugar
1 egg
1 1/2 cups flour
1 teaspoon baking powder

1. Preheat oven to 180°C.
2 Cream the butter, jelly crystals and sugar together in a mixer.
3 Add egg and beat well.
4 Add the sifted flour and baking powder and mix until well combined.
5 Place in teaspoonful sizes on a oven tray. Flatten slightly with a fork.
6 Bake for approximately 10-12 minutes. Leave on tray to cool a little before removing.

That's it - easy (and the tin was fuller...way way fuller by the time I thought to take a pic.These ones are blackcurrant ones, I've also made strawberry one...and I think blueberry ones would go down well with the kids too)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Up With The Larks

For the last couple of weeks, my delightful children have been sharing a room. Let's just say that they've been less than delightful when they wake each other up before 6 now most mornings. Prior to them sharing, they both slept till about 7:15am - and when they did wake they just stayed in bed and chatted away to themselves for a wee while. But it's been a bit of a shock to the system, and I've thought about going to bed earlier - but haven't managed an early night yet.

This morning though, when I heard the rain falling outside, I wondered if it meant that they'd sleep for longer. And to our great relief when they woke and I felt around for my cellphone - I was thrilled to see it was after 7. And even more thrilled that today their father got up and took them into the lounge to watch Sunday morning tv programmes so I could sleep in, or lie in bed and read my book - bliss!

Who would've thought almost 4 years ago BC (before children) I would've cherished sleeping in till after 7 on a Sunday morning?

The kids playing Mummy and Daddy this morning in Timothy's bed.
Don't you love how angelic they look when pretending to be asleep?

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Sew Excited

I've been thinking about making a whole new stash of bibs for number 3. Since finding out we are having a boy, I've decided it really is high time I got rid of all the grotty and girly bibs (sorry Tim that you've been stuck wearing them!) and perhaps made some new ones. Having had really spilly kids, we've always gone through a bundle of bibs a day - and rather than spending $10-15 each on some lovely new ones, I'd like to try to make some myself.

But I've NEVER been a sewer. Although I like to think most teachers would remember me fondly, I think my sewing teachers would probably not remember me at all. I only took sewing in 3rd form for 1 term, and of course 2 terms over the course of my intermediate years. I seem to recall making things like pillowcases and drawstring bags, and perhaps the odd needlebook or pincushion. Perhaps even a pair of shorts? I also recall getting a bit frustrated and stuck.

But me and sewing never really went together that well. We should've. My grandmother was a seamstress and I think even now at 91 has a hard time realising she probably can't sew anymore (Mum, you might need to correct me on that - does she still sew? I remember hearing that she couldn't thread the needle anymore). And my Mum is an amazing sewer. She's made so many things that I just thought were fabulous - 2 tee pees when we were kids, complete with amazing appliqued scenes on the outside. As kids, we even had our own machine to sew with. I recall sitting at the big fold out of the table machine and sewing back and forth (and hollering for my mum when the material started to get eaten by it)

4 generations - ooooh, look at how cute the kids were!
August 2009 (G'ma's 90th)

So, I should be able to sew some bibs right? I've even found a tute that makes sense here. Isn't the internet a wonderful thing! Information at the touch of a button!

Tomorrow's mission - to find some left handed dressmaking scissors.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Taking Time To Smell The Roses - Part 2

We're really excited to be expecting our baby #3 in February. This time around, I'm really hoping to knit baby items. I've just been through all the boxes of baby clothing (to pass on all the lovely girly things that we won't be needing and so don't need to keep storing - it's a little house!) and one thing I feel a little sad about is the distinct lack of any of my own knitting till my babies were around the 18 month mark.

It's probably due to both (and now all) my babies being summer babies, but I also remember getting to their first winter and struggling to find warm clothes for them. So this time around, I'm mentally making a list of the things I'd love to knit for this fella. I'm yet to cast on anything and haven't knitted anything for him yet, but I do plan to knit a couple of special items between now and February.

Which brings me to a wee announcement. From now till February, I'll only have 1 custom knitting slot available a month. If you know that you would like me to knit something for you, then the earlier to contact me, the better.

I'm unsure of when I'll be picking the custom knitting back up next year also. If #3 follows in the footsteps of his big brother and sister, I'm expecting to be dealing with reflux and so I'm not going to be booking any slots till after he's born that's for sure.

Coco Kids however is made of up 3 fabulous knitters - and so Ali and Kate will be available for custom orders. We do also aim to apply for Craft 2.0 stalls next year, I'd love to still be part of that - it really was so much fun.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Taking Time To Smell The Roses - Part I

Sundays in our house are when we go visit the local library and get out new books and DVD's.

Today however, Whitcoulls was having a big 50% off promotion (off 1 fiction and/or kids book) and so instead we all went and bought a new book for summer reading.

I can't tell you how excited I am to rip into fact, I started this afternoon when we were all outside soaking up the sunshine.

I love summer and I love hanging out in the backyard with my kids, water trough and sandpit out, trikes and tramp ready to be played with, and a whole host of undiscovered treasures in the backyard - a bird's egg, snails, weeds - you get the picture.

And so, I'm really looking forward to knitting less (my wrist doesn't like it much at the moment, and I want to be a grandmother that can hold and cuddle her grandchildren 30 years from now without having to worry about painful wrists) and reading more. This book 'A Song in the Daylight' by Paullina Simons called to me the moment I saw it in the book shop. I'm a big fan of Paullina, I've loved most of her books since I read my first of hers - Tully and I'm look forward to getting back into reading a bit before bed every night.

And then what? What author(s) do you love? Who shall I line up to read next?

Oooh, and just one more thing...while we were out I had to buy some more electronic scales.

Mine got dropped (by me) this week and I use them a lot. I'd love to say for baking biscuits and cakes...but the reality is I use them more for testing fabulous knitting patterns from the talented designers I know. I was a girl on a mission today - and was chuffed to pick these ones up for $12 from The Warehouse. They even take 'normal' batteries too and weigh in 1gm increments Exciting I know!

Rainbow Dresses

I am licensed to knit Rainbow Dresses - designed by Georgie Hallam, aka tikki.

The Rainbow Dress is designed to fit snugly, yet the clever design still allows plenty of room for movement and growth. In winter it looks great layered with long sleeved tops, in warmer weather - a short little tee or on it's own looks lovely.

I am able to knit it for you with a variety of options to invidualise your dress:
- picot cast off for the bodice shoulder straps
- eyelet rounds for the bodice (which I can thread a matching ribbon through)
- garter stitch hem
- ruffled hem
- lace hem
- picot hem

In essence, the rainbow dress is a simple dress with simple clean lines. It can be knit with a solid yarn bodice and variegated skirt (which is quite popular) or all in a solid or variegated yarn.

Sizes - NB - 10 years

Contact me via email to enquire or place an order

Thursday, November 4, 2010

It's Up!

Our birthday stocking is up over on the Coco Kids blog!

You'll find it here if you're interested in a having a nosy at what we've made and what I think are great prices!

Just a few more pics...little fellow in your life that needs a vest for this in between seasons weather?

Or not sure what to give your grandmother for Christmas? How about some hand-knitted dishcloths? Environmentally friendly even!


And how about a one of a kind summer dress - you won't find one like this on the rack at any store!

But there's so much more to see, go and pop over and check out the site - there are over 30 knitted items for sale!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Making Cupcakes

Today on the walk home from kindy, my princess asked if we could make cupcakes. Normally, at 3 o'clock my thoughts are on getting the kids home, fed afternoon tea, the washing in and folded and then dinner on before we eat at half 5.

But the weather's been SO lovely here in Wellington lately that the washing was in, folded and tea was organised and easy - so it was such a great feeling to be able to say 'Why not? Let's make cupcakes!' As we walked, Penny said she'd like pink icing and sprinkles. I forget sometimes that the bottles and bottles of food colouring in the cupboard aren't just for dyeing yarn - I'm not a big fan of artifical colouring, but today I could make an exception.

The batter was mixed, the patty cakes filled and the beaters and scrapers licked while we made the pink icing. Then there was the icing, Penny was in charge of the sprinkles or chocolate hail.

And finally, they were done...but it was dinner time. They sure helped encourage the kids to eat up with the promise of a cupcake afterwards for dessert.

All this cupcake making fits in nicely too with the 1st Birthday of Coco Kids! We're busy organising to put up some items for sale over on our blog. We're still deciding on the final date and time, but I'll let you know once we've finalised the details.

Monday, November 1, 2010

3530 metres

I can't quite believe it - I've just added all my projects into Ravelry and knitmeter and over the month of October I knit 3530 metres. That's a fair few projects isn't it? Just as an example, the 8ply baby merino I've been knitting with lately is almost 90 metres per ball, so that's equivalent to 40 x 50gm balls of yarn over October.

In fact, here's a pic of the projects I did knit up over October - there are a couple of test knits in there for my kids and the rest was for Craft 2.0

Thanks again to all the lovely people we met at Craft 2.0! Have a look at the Coco Kids blog too for some pictures Ali managed to take of our stall before we opened for business. We had a lovely day and we're just planning a big 'Happy 1st Birthday to Coco Kids' stocking for all those that couldn't make it on the day or are wishing that they'd bought something at the time.

We'll let you know with plenty of warning when they'll go up for sale - keep an eye out on our Facebook page for updates.

Saturday, October 30, 2010


*Yawn* - great day today at Craft 2.0! What a lovely bunch of people at the fair!
Will be back with a more substantial post once I remove these matchbox sticks from propping up my eyelids and have a wee shuteye. Maybe tomorrow :)

Thanks all the lovelies that stopped by and complimented us on our knitting! And funny all the people that asked us if we machine knit it all - no way hose, handknit all the way.


Friday, October 29, 2010

Tomorrow's The Day!

I apologise in advance for anyone (is that everyone but me?) completely bored with my posts about the countdown and preparation for Craft 2.0...but I'm really excited as well as completely consumed with thoughts about it! Never fear, I have a few posts in my head non-related that I'll type up next week sometime.

The last week sure has been busy. Last weekend we were in Wanga's for a friend's wedding - where I caught up with fellow Coco Kiddian Kate, who passed on her stash of knitting for the stall too (see here for her post). This week Ali and I met up and organised the stall and any other details - she's been busy knitting/creating/sewing some wonderful items too - see her blog here for what she's been up to too.

Anyway - Coco Kids' first stall at Craft 2.0 is tomorrow...and yesterday I managed to take a photo of what I've been working on for it.
Never fear mums of boys - although the table looks very pink and girly, there are definitely plenty of items for boys.

Last night was labelling night - and I had underestimated just how long it would take to get everything labelled - but it's done and they're all ready to be set up on our stall tonight in preparation for tomorrow.

Talk about a family affair too, while I was labelling, hubby was oiling the swifts he's made - so today they'll be packaged and labelled and then I think that's almost it! Phew!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

What is Craft 2.0?

I got an email the other day from one of my lovely friends asking me just what Craft 2.0 is.
These pics are in NO way a good indication of all the wondrous things you can find at Craft 2.0. Last time we were there as shoppers and took along a travelling mascot that wanted to visit it...hence why a little stuffed toy Wanda is in each pic. The pics of Penny outside are definitely at the end (see the cupcake...the bribe to get us around) when we were both a bit pooped!

I wondered if perhaps I've been going on and on and on about how thrilled and excited we are to have a stall there when others still haven't been introduced to what Craft 2.0 is.

To sum it up, it's a fabulous event, filled with lots of amazing stalls of handcrafted quality items. In fact, everything sold there must be handmade by the people running the stall - so there's no mass produced, made in Taiwan items. It's all carefully crafted from specially selected materials to ensure that it's a top notch product, and hence why it's a top notch event (both to pop along to and to be selling at). The application process ensures that it's high quality items covering a wide range of crafting at the stalls on the day (not everyone that applies gets a stall - there are a limited number of stalls and a much greater number of applicants than stallholders on the day)

There's a wide variety of sellers, this time around I think there are going to be more than ever before - but there are gorgeous handmade clothes using vintage fabrics, there is a wide range of jewellery, cupcakes, hand knitting ;), stationery, prints, toys,  cupcakes, hand-dyed yarn, buttons, furnishings...and so so much more.

I love the fact that it's held at the Dowse too - a gallery with a fabulous cafe attached so that when you need a breather you can grab a good coffee before going for a second look.

I'm a little excited about our stall though because it was going along to Craft 2.0 over a year ago that helped me realise that there was indeed an opportunity for me to be part of a custom knitting business with my good friends and colleagues Ali and Kate. It feels like we've come full circle to be a stallholder at Craft 2.0 almost exactly a year since the launch of Coco Kids (an idea that was 'born' August/September 2009, but launched officially on the 1st of November 2009).

Just a note to those with kids - there is a fabulous 'Free Kids Crafting' stall (upstairs this time I think), where your kids can make their own creations.

If you have a babe in arms, an ergo/frontpac/backpac/sling/wrap is easier to get around in rather than a stroller - though this year with the fair being spread over two floors there may well be more room for moving a stroller around in :)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

11 Sleeps To Go!

Well it's not long now! 11 sleeps according to the calendar till Craft 2.0! And this year it sounds like it's going to be even bigger and better than previous ones (if that's even possible!)

In fact, it's so big and there are going to be so many stalls that Craft 2.0 is spilling up into the next floor of The Dowse in Lower Hutt. That's where you'll find the Coco Kids stall - upstairs (according to the draft layout, if there are any changes we'll let you know).

Never fear if you plan to bring kids in a stroller, there is a lift up to the next floor, and we imagine that there'll be a bit more space up there for breathing, than the crush you sometimes feeling trying to walk through the Lounge section of Craft 2.0. We'd love to see you! Come and say hello!

 Handmade Wooden Swifts - see the link below for more information

One thing that hasn't been mentioned regarding our Coco Kids stall (due to it not exactly being a custom knitting item) is that our stall should also have items FOR knitters, rather than solely knitted items. If you are on the lookout for a swift (to help wind your newly purchased Knitsch yarn), or sock blockers and stitch markers - then we can help you with that too! All wooden items (swifts and sock blockers) are made by my hubby, and the stitch markers are carefully crafted by any of the Coco Kids team.

Sock blockers - small, medium, large and toddler sized

So mark your calendars - the 30th of October and we'll see you there!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Paige Babydoll

Another testknit - I really am a sucker for test knits, especially when I should be knitting stock frantically at the moment, but I think there's always got to be some time for knits for my kids or else knitting becomes too much of a chore rather than something enjoyable.

So, this is a pattern by my friend Rachel Evans and has a number of options. This is the full skirt option and I still need to add a ribbon to the eyelet holes around the bodice - but it looks cute without it still in my opinion.

I knit it in some Woolly Wumpkins organic merino aran (UK) I had custom dyed in a co-op last year (the colour was Nebula minus the grey from memory) and it has sat in my stash waiting for me to come by the right 10ply pattern. Voila! It was a perfect amount for the test knit and although it pooled terribly when knit from one ball in the round, alternating 2 balls every 2nd row seemed to work ok.

Ignore the delicious ball of WOOLganics, I was hoping to use this as the contrast, but the shade of brown wasn't quite the right colour to use in the end

Watch this space, I'll let you know when she's released it :)

Monday, October 11, 2010

World Famous in New Zealand...

(to borrow L&P's catch phrase)

Ok, possibly not even famous within New Zealand...but Coco Kids has featured on the Craft 2.0 blog over the weekend! Not long to go now :)