Sunday, February 14, 2010

Selfish Knitting

Phew for a moment of peace - the kids are off at a birthday party with their Dad and I am home alone! What a feeling (and how guilty do I feel that I am sitting at the computer instead of folding washing or mopping floors)!

But, after a week of really sick and miserable (and cooped up) kids, a moment to breathe is just what the doctor ordered.

Speaking of me - a selfish knit came off the needles about a week ago - my Woodland Jewels Scarf. It was knit in Brooklynne's custom dyed yarn that I won about a month ago using the Woodland Shawl pattern. It took 9 days to knit and the transformation that came about after being blocked was amazing! I thought the leaf pattern looked neat as I was knitting it, but it opened up beautifully on blocking.

And it's for me.

I'm trying to think of the last thing I actually knit for myself...hmmmm. Can't.
I love the colour, and I know it'll get a lot of wear this winter with all the black I wear.

On a completely different note, don't forget the little snakes competition I have going. The prizes listed are just SOME of the prize that will be included - hey, you gotta be in to win.

Ok, I'll even beg - oh please won't someone have a go knitting some? My wee pattern/project is lonely.