Saturday, April 10, 2010

They Call Me The Testing Wench

And I love it - have I mentioned how much I like testing? Tee hee

I've been involved in 2 fabulous test knits in the last week or so. The first for a soon to be released dress and skirt pattern by Shannon Passmore (of Crafty Desires) called 'The Flapper Dress'

This fabulous design uses 10ply and results in a lovely full twirly skirt - perfect for little girls that love to dance and spin.

I knit this using Bendigo Luxury (one of my favourite yarns) and was going for a skirt that would go with a lot with the main colour being Denim Blue. Penny picked the pick contrast (of course).

I have yarn lined up to knit a couple more too, one for Penny for nice winter wear, and another for a fabulous warm layer for mucking around in at kindy (seeing as my madam often refuses to wear trousers, a warm dress at least keeps her chest/back warm and toasty)

The other pattern I've been lucky enough to test has been a new design by Georgie Hallam - otherwise known as tiKKi, called Olearia. This simple knit is knit with 8ply in a yarn that ensures good drape. I would've loved to have knit this in some Bella Baby Layette I have in my stash as I think this would've worked prefectly with the pattern, but I also wanted a little warm layer for Penny to wear over everything this autumn and so a 100% merino was selected.

This pattern is called Olearia after a native flower that grows in Aussie that must come in lots of different varieties. This pattern has 3 different versions - this shrug version and 2 cardigan versions.

This was cast off a couple of days ago, and since then we've worn it out heaps and received lots of compliments too. It's perfect for this time of the year but I know that it's a pattern that I'll definitely knit again.

Completely unrelated - notice anything different about my blog?


  1. very pretty!!!
    LOVE your new blog look too x

  2. Love the header, makes me want to stay and have a look around! :)
    The Oleara is darling. I like the look of that very much.

  3. pop over to my blog, I have a surprise for you