Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A bit quiet around here

In blog land that is - not in my day to day life. There have been a number of things going on in the last fortnight which has meant there's been less time for blogging :)

1) There's the Knit-A-Long going on over on Rav for my series of patterns. Not long to go now if you were wanting to be in to win ;)

2) My beloved decided to download a game...great - except he's used up all our broadband for the next fortnight :{ It sure does waste a lot of time waiting for things to download, so I'm having to spend less time on the 'puter as I'm just getting frustrated with the amount of time everything takes

3) My brother became a Dad, and it's not as simple as it sounds.

4) Coco Kids has been accepted for a stall for the next Craft 2.0 on October the 30th - exciting!

5) Something pretty cool I was notified about today - I knit 2 of these jerseys last year in cream yarn (in 10 days too!) and they were dyed for this music video here for Luke Buda (again though, painful to watch with dial-up speed)

6) I've got testing for a new pattern underway - this one's a girly one called Teacher's Pet. This has almost had 2 waves, the first lot are almost finished but after a bit more tweaking I've roped a few more talented knitters in to give the next version a whirl. While I was hoping that it would be ready for release early in August, I'd rather put up a pattern that I'm 100% happy with so I'm going to just do a bit more checking first :)

Here are a few pics of it knit though - it has a variety of options within the pattern sized 3-6 months up to a size 8 (at the moment), 3 different skirts including 2 pleated versions and one full skirt, a hood option, and the instructions for adding a belt/belt loops or eyelet holes for a ribbon. I think that's about it?!

Full skirt version with picot style hem, hood and belt

Petal pleat version with hood, belt and contrast edging

Ali's gorgeous test knit (and model!), with the hood, petal pleat with ruffle and belt.

And I've got a lot more updating to do and some more lovely knitting to show off, but it will have to wait till after the 14th when our broadband speed returns


  1. I like that full skirt version - very cute (and so's your model too!)

  2. I love the petal pleat version - pity I don't have a girl to knit one for - it's adorable