Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas giving

I always struggle at Christmas time to give presents that are meaningful - both for me giving them, as well as the person receiving them (it's not much good giving people presents that you feel good about but that they don't want!).

I'm not sure if my family sees it exactly as a gift but for the last couple of years I've also tried to do something to ensure that I'll be around for many many many more Christmasses. I'm sure there are loads of simple things, but last year I decided to go for a much overdue smear, this year I've just had some moles removed. Who knows what it will be next year, but I reckon if there's something you've been putting off that you should go and do it.

Another thing I would definitely do if I could this Christmas is donate blood. Some of the ads they have played on telly here almost bring me to tears, I suppose just because it highlights the different kinds of people that need blood and blood products - I was a bit surprised from just looking at this that 21% goes to cancer patients.

And here are a few more interesting facts about blood donation...

• 42,000 patients are treated with blood or blood products in New Zealand each year

• Blood only lasts 35 days

• Only 4% of us currently roll up our sleeves and donate

• With each donation you can save up to 3 lives

• NZ requires 3,000 donations each and every week to meet hospital needs

• You can get tea, coffee, juice and chocolate biscuits after every donation!!

Obviously, there are tons of other things you can do at this time of the year for others - have you got anything special planned? There's nothing like the buzz you get when you choose to do something for others that is unexpected and that you don't have to do but choose to do.

Wishing you a relaxing run-up to the crazy Christmas season.


  1. What blood type are you Ju? I had lots of blood products when Abi was born...thank God people donate. Can't wait to be able to do that again too!

  2. What a great post- thanks for helping to change my focus today a bit away from what I HAVE to get done to how I can try to help others.

  3. I am O -......are you the same as mum?