Friday, February 4, 2011

A few things for the babe

I've knitted a few things for the babe - I may as well share them!

First up, and first knitted as well were a pair of Pebble vests and a matching hat. This lovely yarn was hand-dyed by a gorgeous friend of mine Emma. I love them to bits and hope that the babe will get to wear them lots.

Next came a striped Young Einstein from my Little Rascal's e-book - I was a bit lazy with this and so just did 2 rows of each colour so I didn't need to sew in any ends on the completion of it, it worked fine so I'll do more like this one day.

And I made a little Tubey hat to match

Next came a little Helena matinee jacket in a lovely light grey merino.

Followed by a lazy soaker (i.e no leg cuffs/ribbing in the round)

I can't wait to try this Cabled Teddy Hat on him - it was lovely to knit and so cute. The chocolate brown melody from Bendigo Woollen Mills too means that it's beautifully soft and has great stitch definition

A 4ply/fingering weight 100purewool Eden's Adam singlet

And to use up the rest of the yarn I cast on a 4ply/fingering weight Garter Stitch Kimono lovely and practical as it appears, I don't think I'll EVER knit another of these. It felt like it took forever (even though it was 10 days in the end) and almost killled my will to live knit. Please excuse the terrible inside unblocked pics too *blush* - modelled photos will be far better I'm sure!  

Oh, and I knitted this Snug last year...but I've only just added the buttons. I was going to dye it the appropriate colour after the 20 week anatomy scan, but I quite like it in cream I've decided.

I'm not sure just yet what he'll be wearing home from hospital (truth be told I couldn't tell you what my other children wore home!) but he's most likely to be in a capsule wrapped up in the Wool Leaves blanket I made especially for him. I know I've already blogged about it (and I will blog about it again as I am able to knit these to sell) but here's another photo or two

Not all of the knitting is newborn sized though, that would be a bit pointless seeing as he's a) of a reasonable size and b) due in February, so not necessarily going to be wearing layers and layers of wool.

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