Sunday, July 10, 2011

Bugs Galore!

Oh how I wish it had been little insecty bugs galore during the month of June! Caterpillars and ladybugs (I don't know if caterpillars actually are bugs) and creepy crawlies!

Instead, the month of June has been a month of sickies and germs. Like most people with kids we really took a hammering, but *touch wood* at this very second everyone in my household is feeling good and healthy.

It's interesting when people feel rotten (me included) of the changes you make to your normal routines in order to cope. We used the crockpot a lot (butter chickpeas anyone? A great meal for a family for around $4 I reckon...double it and it reheats nicely for another day too), the disposable nappies came out for my littlest (I love x a billion modern cloth nappies, but the washing was getting more than I could cope with so by reducing the nappy washing to just one helped a little) and we leaned on the one healthy person in the household a lot - that would be my hubby Blair.

Actually speaking of nappies, I was offered some Huggies Drynites to try out. I'm a bit of a doofus as I didn't realise that they were for bigger kids that are toilet trained and so on my 2 1/2 year old they looked a bit big. They didn't leak though, much as I thought they might and as much as I dreaded they would actually add to my washing if they did. I was pleasantly surprised to see that they didn't have little Winnie the Poohs on them and for the boys design they were 'jockey' styled like little gruts.

Anywho, back to the germs - it went like this -
Timothy: croup
Me: something grotty and undiagnosed but which felt like I'd been hit by a bus
Penny: cold
Timothy: croup - again (seriously, you wouldn't read about it)
David: bronchiolitis

Now why Blair remained well, I don't know but thank goodness he did. He's been brilliant. I've got a proper post brewing in my head about that that one day perhaps I'll get around to posting. June was also the month that we put out an SOS to people. I don't normally ask for help but after a month of sickies the going gets tough. We were so lucky last week to have wonderful people help us out with kindy picks up and visits. I might have even snaffled my sister's fabulous husband, father in law and mother in law, roping them into helping (they were wonderful!), along with Penny's BFF's nana across the road (who spoiled Penny rotten which she loved) and another of my sisters.

Thank you! Putting out the SOS and getting responses was a real relief.

I don't know anyone with kids that didn't have sick kidlets during June though, there are so many bugs going around including grotty V&D bugs that so far we've been lucky enough to avoid.

July, you're going to be the month for pattern updates, knitting with nice yarns, reading good books, playing boardgames, perhaps even a little bit of sewing, holidays from kindy and so no kindy run (yipppeeeee!). No more tissues, cough lollies, visits to the doctor (umm, there were 4 trips to the doc and 1 to the hospital in June...I wonder if you can buy shares in a Doctor's clinic?)

Stay healthy out there

Oh, and because every post needs a picture, here's my cutest littlest bunny... 4 1/2 months old now!

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