Friday, September 23, 2011

Rugby World Cup Competiton

As a bit of a hurrah for a few things I’d love to run a competition (because I love competitions!)

To celebrate:
- the update of The Little Rascals e-book
- the launching of my own Rav group (squeeeee)
- the Rugby World Cup, which just happens to be hosted in New Zealand this year.

To enter:
Knit a kids rugby jersey using one of my patterns in the colours of your favourite team(s).

I think the Hotshot with or without a collar is ideal and also very practical for this time of the year for both Hemispheres - Spring here in the Southern Hemisphere, Autumn/Fall for the Northern Hemisphere.

I knitted one for my Penny to wear for her kindy black-out days. Here she is modelling it, along with my Timothy. I was hoping to be able to whip one up for each of the boys too, but they're both still waiting!

Enter the details into in my group here, pop the picture up in the thread and tag your FO with j-j’sRWCcomp

You can start anytime now, the closing date is the same date as the final for the RWC which is the 23rd of October…but you’ll want to finish your FO before then I’m sure, so your kidlets can wear them while watching the games!

There’ll definitely be a prize…hmmm, it could include yarn, chocolate, perhaps even a swift if you live in NZ/Aus and need one and definitely some fabulous stitch markers made by my friend Deb. I’ll organise the details for deciding the winner/prize soon :)

Here are the entries so far!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Little Rascals e-book, now updated!

On the 1st of September I released the update of my The Little Rascals e-book. It's been a big job but it's done!

Here's the blurb from Ravelry:

The Little Rascals e-book is a collection of 3 unisex, easy to knit, seamless (topdown) and versatile patterns. They’re great for wearing out and about and for mucking around in the backyard.

The Little Rascals are all v-necked garments - Little Hoodlum (jersey), Hotshot (vestee), Young Einstein (jacket/cardigan) - making them easy to pop on a bib if necessary or for bigger kids who don’t like yarn up against their neck.

The e-book is a comprehensive, detailed pattern with almost every imaginable extra possible! The new improved pick-a-path style pattern has so many options to allow you to choose your own way through the pattern, creating your own unique garment for a loved one.

The updated e-book now contains instructions for:
Contrast colour edge
Moss or garter stitch edge
Collars in either rib, moss or garter stitch
Wide or tapered sleeves
Cables in the raglan, kangaroo pocket or hood
Kangaroo or patch pockets

As well as exclusive Watermellish embellishment charts for:

But wait! There’s more!

Also included is PupPup’s Mini Hotshot pattern (for teddies), so you can knit matching sets for beloved teds.

Sizings for the patterns range from newborn up to 10 years (15-28 inch chest)

The patterns can be knit in either DK (8ply) or worsted weight (10ply) as long as a 20sts gauge is achieved. Information is also provided for substituting yarns of other weights.

Now this update should’ve gone to everyone who has purchased this pattern in the past via Ravelry. If you haven’t got your copy and you purchased it there, click on ‘my notebook’. From the list of options, select ‘purchases’. In there you’ll find access to the latest version.

If you bought it directly from me, please contact me for an updated version. If you could tell me when you purchased it or have a copy of correspondence with me (if it makes searching through emails easier my email address is jstanfield at xtra dot co dot nz.)

This pattern is intended for personal home use only. Commercial use of this pattern is permitted only through a cottage license, please contact me if you're interested in a Cottage License.

If you'd like to buy a copy, for September and October it's at a special price of $10USD. If you click the button below you'll be taken to purchase it :)

A huge thank you to all my wonderful testers and collaborators xxx

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Time For A Little Spring Clean

Phew, that's better!

A new header, courtesy of the lovely Tanja of Watermellish. Thanks so much Tanja!

I've been working with Tanja lately on the update of my pattern which was released on the 1st of September, I'll blog about that later. If you're into knitting and embellishing though, you should definitely go check out her website, she's incredibly talented!

But with the update on the 1st of September came the first day of Spring, time to Spring clean! I've been feeling the need to declutter a bit later, simplify a few things since the testing is done and the pattern is updated. My house is awash with bags of things to rehome, my blog a little too busy with things that need updating and editing. I think it's easier to flick a few buttons on my blog than to tackle the grown out of baby clothes!