Tuesday, June 15, 2010


So, the release day is quickly approaching - let me introduce to you the project I've been working on.

The Little Rascals is a collection of 3 versions of unisex, easy to knit, seamless and versatile patterns - great for wearing out and about and for mucking around in the backyard.

From left to right - Hotshot, Hoodlum and Young Einstein (with short sleeves, the instructions include long sleeves)
 The patterns have a variety of options - hood, collar, contrast edge, moss stitch or garter stitch, wide sleeves or tapered - a ton of possibilities. They can also be knit from either 8 or 10ply yarn (dk or worsted weight) and it includes sizes newborn up to 10 years.

Little Hoodlum
The v-necked jersey


The v-necked vestee

Young Einstein
The cardigan/jacket.

The release day at the moment is set for the 20th of June. The pattern will be available for purchase via Ravelry and hopefully also via my blog.

As well as the pattern being available for sale, I'll be offering custom knitting of any of The Little Rascals.
From left to right - Young Einstein (with hood), Little Hoodlum (with hood) and Hotshot (with hood)

I've been just so lucky though in the knitting friends that I have and the knowledge and support they've given me.  I'm incredibly grateful to you all!

Thank you to all my fabulous testers – Rachel, Georgie, Christine, Alison, Ali, Amy, Nat, Kath, Nikki, Anna, Margaret, Katherine, Michaela, Krissie, Jax, Gen, Pipi, Sarah and Julie. There is no way I could’ve done this without you all. I really do appreciate your enthusiasm, your help, and your thorough and honest feedback with this. Mwah!

Prior to (and during) the final test – there were a number of designers and friends that offered solutions and support with the pattern development, including pointing out where to begin and where to find useful information as well as answering my many questions. Thanks so much to Georgie Hallam, Shannon Passmore, Kelly Brooker, Sheryl Greenfield, Rachel Evans, Katherine Oxlade Knack, Ali George, Alison Daines, Rachel Ferguson and Justine Turner

A huge thank you to Emma Frost for putting her creative touch on the final product and her help with the editing

If you're a knitter and thinking of purchasing it - I hope you'll be as excited about it as I am! I really do want it to be a pattern that people enjoy knitting and want to knit!

I do ask that purchasers of the pattern respect me and other designers out there by not making copies of it or emailing it to friends. My intention was always to make it affordable so that everyone could purchase their own copy rather than passing on rogue copies. I hope when you see the price, you’ll agree it’s fair and encourage your friends to buy it themselves rather than giving them a copy. Thanks!


  1. wow, looks great! Can't wait for it to be released. Well done!

  2. awesome. I'm definitely gonna buy one!

  3. How exciting and wonderful, I cant wait for the release date.

  4. I have been looking for a hoodie and a vest pattern so am very excited, can't wait til I can buy it :-) Fantastic!!

  5. congratulations Julia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I cant wait to buy it :)

  6. Love all of these patterns - kicking myself that I missed out on testing for you - will definitly be purchasing the patterns:)

  7. Oh Ju that's FANTASTIC! Just gorgeous and so many options! I'll certainly be buying it! Well done! Wow!