Thursday, June 3, 2010

Scratching The Knitting Itch

That's the slogan of 'Knitsch' - a fabulous new yarn business! I'm a bit lucky as it's kind of my own portable LYS - when Tash and her mum Sonja come to knitting nights we might be lucky enough to have a wee fondle of some of the yarns. Last night we watched Tash label some yarns in preparation for Craft 2.0 on the 12th of June here in the Hutt - and I put together my 'must buy on the day' list.

I've actually got a couple of yarns from Knitsch already...see, about a month ago when I was taking part in a colour swap I decided I loved her 'You are my sunshine' BUT it was an 8 ply swap so Tash agreed to do some custom dyeing for's the result. It's 300gms of the YAMS and 100gms of solid trim.

The funny thing is that this photo was taken today...the yarn swap was completed in May. I loved this yarn so much that I decided that I wasn't ready to gift it just yet - though I do have something in mind for it!

This I managed to snaffle last week when Tash was having a sale - it's 'Spice' and if I remember correctly Tash said that she wasn't going to be doing it again. I guess that makes it limited edition ;) And no, this yarn is not intended for me...I probably shouldn't put it up on here yet!

This is on Tash's 4 ply, it's 100% merino wool, 167 m and has a lovely tight twist to the yarn which makes it suitable for anything - including socks. It's also machine washable and lovely and soft. You might also notice that they are 50gm skeins - which means if you actually want 150gms for a larger shawl it's easy! You just buy 3.

And finally, a few wee skeins of Margaret Stove's Artisan Lace to add to my stash - boy is this yarn lovely!

We were shown a number of items knit with it last night, and some of Margaret's patterns that can be used with it. You can get a whole wee singlet out of one 300m/20gms skein, or scarf, or bonnet and booties sets. Margaret Stove is Sonja's ma and Tash's g'ma - yarn's in the blood.

Have a look here and here too if you'd like to read a bit more about Tash. She's running a sock club soon promises to be extremely exciting! I'm SO in for this one!


  1. do you knit baby items with the lace yarn?

  2. You definitely can, though I'm planning on some lovely lacey scarves