Saturday, September 4, 2010

Flights of Fancy Yarn Club

This year, after releasing my Little Hoodlum pattern I rewarded myself with joining my very first yarn club. Tash from Knitsch was running her very first yarn club too - and I loved the sound of it and the choices club members would be offered and so signed up. I've bought a few other skeins of 4ply Knitsch before and love them and was keen to add a few more of them to my stash.

So, now that it's all done and dusted (apart from me knitting them all up) I thought I'd share my gorgeous packages! I should mention too that Tash offered people a 'mystery escape' option, or a 'plan ahead' as each month she dyed 2 colourways, one semi-solid and one variegated. I'm a surprise me type person, but I do love semi-solids at the moment so just to be difficult asked if I could just get the semi solid option each month.

June - the first installment
A WIP bag, 2 supervery stitchmarkers, 120gms of 4ply merino in the semi-solid colurway 'Peacock in the Parlour' and a pattern for some fabulous handwarmers.

July - the second installment
A WIP bag, cool pencil, excellent sock pattern and 120gms of 4ply merino in the semi-solid colourway 'June' (it is more reddish than the colour shows)

August - the final installment
A WIP bag, 120gms of 4ply merino in the semi solid colourway 'Victoria' a pattern for what looks like a lovely shawl and

A 'certificate' ironed inside the bag for being a founding member of the yarn club

I am someone that normally suffers from things like food envy when we're out for a meal - but I have to say I LOVE all the yarns I was sent and am really really pleased with them. Tash has said she's going to be running the club a little differently next time around - but I'm hoping to have knit some of these beauties up so I can justify signing up again next time! 


  1. Oh my, such lovely yarns! I'll be checking the sock club out too, I've never done a club :)

  2. Oh I really LOVE that last one Jules!! Purple = yummy!! And very cute owl wip bag :)

  3. Hi there, this is a lovely blog, we'd love to have you over at, email me on if you're keen!