Thursday, September 9, 2010

Last Chance

Tonight the 3rd and final night of auctions closes over in Woolly Butts store. All the items up for auction have been lovingly made and donated by wonderful families in New Zealand and Australia to help fundraise for the Kate Buntine Foundation and Juvenille Diabetes. Because all the items have been donated, 100% of the funds raised go where they should.

I wish I'd thought to blog earlier, but tonight is the last night and there are still some stunning items left - check out this one of a kind quilt that's been made and donated, out of very special and impossible to get now fabrics.

This precious quilt made by Bel is just waiting for the right bidder - at the moment it's only had 1 bid and is sitting at $200AUD (which includes postage within NZ or Aus) which is a bargain for such a special and one of a kind item made with love. Have you a wee princess that would treasure it as a Christmas pressie?

And how about thisCitron - at the moment it's sitting at $44AUD (which includes postage within NZ or Aus)!

And a Milo for $17AUD

There are all kinds of things that will close tonight, including WIP bags and yarn:

And heaps heaps more! Pop over and have a look - it's feel-good spending and the prices are really reasonable! Did I mention that all prices include postage to either NZ or Aus, so there are no hidden postage surprises either

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