Thursday, March 31, 2011

April Knit-A-Long

With the weather getting cooler and daylight savings coming to an end here in New Zealand this weekend it's the perfect time to start making sure that your little (and not so little!) ones have some lovely woollen clothes for winter.

It's funny, at my lovely knitting night tonight, 3 people were knitting my pattern (ok, well that was including me but my baby David was happier with me rocking him than working those needles). But I SO love seeing people knitting my patterns and so I thought I'd organise a knit-a-long of any of my garment patterns for the month of April.

For those unfamiliar with my patterns, I've got my 'Little Rascal's e-book' which comprises of the Little Hoodlum (the jersey), Young Einstein (the cardigan or jacket) and the Hotshot (the short sleeved vestee).

The e-book patterns have a range of options:

- a hood or collar
- moss/seed or garter stitch edge
- the option of knitting a contrast band around the edge
- wide sleeves or tapered

Sizings range from newborn up to 10 years (15-28 inch chest)

The patterns can be knit in either 8ply/DK or 10ply/worsted weight

I've also designed a girls dress pattern called 'Teacher's Pet' which has a number of options too:

- 3 different skirt options, a full skirt, a box pleat and a petal style pleat
- an optional hood
- belt and belt loops
- eyelet holes for a ribbon or i-cord
- a variety of hem options
- garter or moss stitch edges
- instructions for knitting a contrast edge


Sizings range from a 17” chest (3-6 months) up to a 23” chest (4 years) though instructions for a 25” chest (size 6) and 27” chest (size 8) are included, but not tested thoroughly.

The patterns can be knit in either DK (8ply) or worsted weight (10ply) as long as a 20 sts gauge is used.

And for my Teacher's Pet patterns all the money from the sale of this pattern during March and April will be donated to the Red Cross for Christchurch NZ following the devastating earthquake on 22nd Feb

So the knit-a-long details:

- Knit or finish one of my patterns during the month of April

- Load the details and photos into Ravelry, at the top of the notes section add  'This is an entry into the April Knit-A-Long' or something along those lines

- You can enter as many times as you like as long as the garments have been knitted in April 2011

The prize:

I was thinking of buying some delicious yarn and bits and pieces for the prize, but I know some people love 4ply, others worsted weight, some covet books, others - needles. And so I've decided the prize will be for a $75NZD voucher from your choice of either Knitsch or Holland Road Yarn Company (both owned and operated by the fabulous Tash, and she's just adding some deliciously smooshy hand-dyed worsted weight yarns at the moment). So this is open to anyone anywhere, I'm pretty sure Tash ships internationally!

On top of that I'll have 2 runners up who'll be credited the purchase price for whichever pattern they've won with. I'm just going to choose the projects I love the most - as simple as that!

STOP PRESS - Come and join us over at the Budding Designers Downunder group over on Ravelry to take part in the KAL! It's not just for designers, it's for all those that knit/like the downunder designs too :)

So, go choose your yarn and measure your kidlet! You can even cast on today - just as long as your item is knit and entered into Ravelry by Sunday the 8th of May (I figure that gives 1 month for knitting and a week to take photos and weigh yarn etc) If you need to purchase the pattern you'll find more info here or you can purchase via Ravelry here

One last thing - I've more plans for these patterns and I'd love any feedback or thoughts you may have, more than just 'I like it' or whatever. If you have some constructive feedback I'd love you to email it to me.


  1. Oh yay - I've had the teachers pet pattern sitting waiting to knit for so long and I always push it to the side to do something else, will definitely CO over the weekend :) KALs are so much fun.

  2. Damn shame I can't knit Sophie wants a little hoodlum!

  3. I just bought the hoodlem pattern and I will be casting it on when my yarn arrives tomorrow.

  4. Anonymous #1, there are some wonderful custom knitters out there that can knit these patterns, watch this space for the post about that in a couple of days :)

  5. Well, I'm knitting your Hoodlum here in Ireland and I'm LOVING it! It's only my second real project and its awesome. My only problem is trying to getting my hands on some 4.5 mm 30cm circs :-( I was trying the travelling loop instead but my stitches don't look as uniform.

    I'd love to join your KAL but don't have anyone to knit it for. Super fundraising idea though - good on you!!!

  6. Now I know what I'm going to do with the lovely yarn I have sitting here - motivation to get started too :)

  7. this is great, been thinking must try the little einstein as I've done the other two, so this is just the motivation I need to get started

  8. I'm in !! Just the motivation I needed to start on K's planned Hotshot for this winter.

  9. I have a Hoodlum planned for James, might have to see if I can do it soon!

  10. Excellent idea! I need to get a hotshot done for DS in a sz 6 so this is the perfect motivation to get it done. I will be hurrying to get my little butterflies test finished and the ultimate longies birthday present done and then casting on!

  11. Well, seeing as I need to knit up Mstr N a new one....

  12. I'm going to knit your Young Einstein for Abi, and going to try it in 12 ply. If that is too complex for my mature brain, I'll go to dk, but with the weather looking shonky, I may cast on this weekend!

  13. Hi who has a cottage licence for this?

  14. I have them available for sale though the sale of them has been very limited up until fact, I'm thinking of doing a bit of a special on the cottage licenses shortly