Saturday, March 19, 2011

In search of a scarf knitter...

Glassons are running a 'getting knitting NZ' promotion - you knit a scarf, take it to them, they add a badge and tag it ready for sale and sell them for $25 in their stores - with all the money going to the Christchurch appeal.

That font's probably a bit small, so the link to see it full size is here

Anywho, I have some lovely soft yarn that's screaming out to be made into a scarf - it's even red in honour of Christchurch's red and black colours (and seeing as so many people wear black in winter it'll be perfect ;) )

But with the arrival of my preciously delicious but needy baby, I just can't find the time to knit at the moment, much as it pains me! So, if you think you'd seriously be able to knit my yarn into a scarf to pass onto Glassons to be sold for Chch - then leave a comment.

And if there happens to be a huge number of people, I may even find some more yarn in my stash that would be lovely for another scarf or two to be knitted for Christchurch too (though I can't promise it'll be red - some green in my stash springs to mind as well tee hee)


  1. Great idea! Hadn't heard about this. I need to knit for my child though - He still doesn't have anything knitted by me even finished! At this rate they will be grown out of before then.

  2. That is an awesome idea! I'll have to find a quick scarf pattern to knit - the last few have taken ages!

  3. What a cool idea!
    I'd be happy to knit it up... But by the time it came to Oz and back it may not be worth it timewise? But happy to if you'd like :)