Tuesday, August 30, 2011

It's Gooooooood!

I consider myself a bit of a chocolate connoisseur, I like it a lot (my backside doesn't thank me for my love of the sweet brown stuff)

I am in love though with a flavor I never thought I'd be suggesting. See, I don't normally like soft flavored centres, not gooey chocolate in the middle and definitely not orange (though, embarrassingly, if they are all that's left in the box of chocies, I'll still eat them! They're still chocolate!)

So when I decided to throw a block of Whittakers kiwifruit in the trolley a couple of months ago, I thought it would have a soft green sweet filling. I was soooo pleasantly surprised to find it has bits of dried apple and kiwifruit in it, it's delicious. So delicious that I had to share, just in case you haven't experienced the deliciousness of it yet.

And it's Whittakers, of course, Whittakers is the best!

1 comment:

  1. twisted my rubber arm Julia! I would NEVER have thought to even try this flavour!