Thursday, November 17, 2011

Wednesday Snapshots

I thought I might try and pop up some snapshots regularly - perhaps of things I'm working on, things the kids are up to, that kind of thing

These were taken yesterday at about 5pm. Known to many households with children as the arsenic hour.

At my place, I was making dinner while Timothy made a birthday cake, complete with candle.

Penny drew a picture. This one depicts what happened earlier in the morning. I was doing the kindy drop off with the three children, it was pouring with rain. When I finally got everyone buckled in to the car I found I must've locked my keys in the car. So here we are trapped in the car, with it raining outside while we waited for my husband to come home (after trying various doors and windows). The people you can see in the car are me, David and Penny. Penny said you can't see Timothy, he sits on the other side of the car - which is right.

And Mr 9 months old today was having a marvellous time trying out all the pizza toppings for the homemade pizzas I was making.

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