Thursday, November 24, 2011

I spy with my little eye something beginning with P

Today's entry is brought to you by the letter P.

P for Penny with the Pox
Penny got her first spot on Tuesday, gradually her chicken pox have spread over her torso and legs, we were happy that her face seemed to have missed spots - but she's woken up with them on her face and head today. I'm hoping she's fine by her first school visit in a weeks time! This pic is a pretty tame one of her spots, but it's G rated ;)

P is also for Present
This beautiful present arrived from my friend Hannah of Red Riding Hood Yarns yesterday evening. It's a skein of her 10ply hand-dyed in the colourway Green with Envy (which since playing Dingbats as a kid I always think of as Greenvy these days). Included was also a lovely note and a 'smiley happy people' LUSH (omg, I've never had lush stuff but it smells and looks soooooo good) package. Inside is a delcious looking soap, bodywash and emotibomb - so lovely! Thanks so much Hannah xxx

And finally - no pic for this, but P might also be for pattern development...but it's only at swatching and figuring out stage at the moment.

Enjoy your Thursday! xxx

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  1. Oh, the pox, when will you visit us? My eldest daughter claws at her face when food is stuck there as though she MUST BE SET FREE, saying, "I think it's a pimple." I am scared how she will look after the pox.

    I am praying her super power is life-time immunity. Har.