Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I had a quick look today and realised there are a few fo's knitted up using one of my patterns these days! 977 looking at Rav (and that doesn't include those that have tested my next couple of patterns either...but more about that shortly)

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! To everyone that has bought and then knitted one (or more) of my patterns thanks so much, there's nothing like seeing some of the fabulous garments knitted from something I worked on.

So the stats at the moment sit like this:
Little Hoodlum - 357 projects
Hotshot - 333 projects
Young Einstein - 190 projects
Teacher's Pet - 71 projects
And PupPup's Mini Hotshot For Teddies - 26 projects (and this was developed by Christine Jeffery and she has other fabulous patterns too, I definitely need to knit a few more of her moebius patterns this winter)

I'm hoping to have a few more patterns to add to my collection shortly, I'm aiming for the 1st of May release for one collection just in time for winter. But I'll have more about that soon.

Thanks again and happy knitting!


  1. Well done! I've had my eye on your patterns for ages - must get cracking on one!

  2. Wow! But they are so cool to knit and look so great on!

  3. Little hoodlum was my fist sweater. And my favorite. ( I have a secret plan for 2 others and 1 hotshot).

  4. Add one hotshot to your list and will Make Abi one soon too. Kate looks so cute in hers