Saturday, April 21, 2012

Zipped Up

I've been meaning to post this for ages - but my clever little sister, otherwise known as Sarah Ronchetti, has delved into the world of pattern designing (and spectacularly at that for I know she has plenty more due to be released over the next couple of months).

Her first to hit Ravelry is Zipped Up, it's a lovely little vest with an optional cable detail. I've knitted it as well (though my yarn smacks of something David Bain would've worn) so I'll show you some of her FO pics. The models - my nephew James and my biggest fella - Timothy.

Sarah's pattern is well written and easy to follow. On top of that, for those a bit nervous about the zip, it has a link to a fabulous zip sewing in tutorial and I must admit it's a really nice way to finish a knitted garment - and not difficult at all! Nice to be able to add that to the list of skills I have now too. Go on, whip one up this weekend!

Sarah has a blog too - you should pop over HERE and see what she posts over there, she's got plenty more lovely patterns to share as they are released along with


  1. I've just knitted one too and about to put Zip in - really awesome pattern!

  2. aw thanks!! Don't you love that both of my samples are GREEN and the boys are leaning in the same direction?? lol.