Tuesday, March 26, 2013

And.....I'm back!

I know, I've read you should never apologise for not blogging as most of the time people haven't actually noticed, but it's been a long time since I last posted and a lot has happened. No, no new babies (phew!), no deaths in the family (phew!) - but last year we did go through the process of putting our house on the market, pulling it off (and letting go of a good offer) drawing up plans to build on, getting it priced and then BAM, throwing it back on the market and selling unconditionally in about 3 weeks. That was before Christmas. And then there was the long drawn out saga of trying to find 'the' house.

Well, we found it. And we're in it. And unpacked. And loving it and all the space...and the view! We didn't have any kind of outlook before, so it's a real treat seeing Wellington Harbour and the many boats in it!

That's Matiu/Somes Island out there in the middle 
Sorry! Enough of the scenic pics! I know most people find them incredibly boring! We can see planes taking off from Wellington airport too - I'm wondering when the kids will get bored of waving to them going overhead. Gotta love kids!
Here's a few of other things...'fun' stuff like fence building, possums in the fern next to our house (it actually started growling at us, it was a little menacing!), gingerbread bears (thanks Cal and Morgue!) and dancing in the long awaited rain
Along with losing teeth, sick days and reading books, chillaxing in new bean bags and cookie monster worshipping
So, here I am, back in the land of the fully functioning, again. With new knitting patterns ready to be written and developed and new exciting ventures on the horizon! And with a new office and yarn room! That's pretty exciting considering at my last house the yarn lived in bins under kids beds and in wardrobes and even some stacked up in a potentially flooding garage. Now, all my yarn 'babies' have been reunited, well, in stacking bins anyway. Can't wait to finally knit some of them up! And each of my real babies have a room to call their own and they sure are enjoying that!

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  1. Wow what an amazing view! Congrats on your new house, nice to "see" you again :)