Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

What's not to love about a public holiday which is celebrated by eating chocolate and hot cross buns? And with 2 days where the shops are shut, schools are closed and working husbands are home it's a great time to have a relaxed meet up with friends and family, as well as get a few things done around the house!

We've had a wonderful Easter - celebrating today with family that were around and a little Easter Egg hunt inside (seeing as it was raining and we have dogs outside that would've loved eating eggs intended for children!) I wish I'd thought to get the camera out for that. But here's a few snaps of my children enjoying eating chocolate!

Yesterday we caught up with our antenatal group for a hunt in the local reserve followed by a cuppa. I love our group - I suppose we're all postnatal now seeing as our oldest bebes are 6 and a bit years old - but it's a group of the most fabulous families I would likely not have met otherwise! And 6 years later we still have 9 families (though sadly two have recently moved away from Wellington) and 20 children between us!

I think that Easter always marks the beginning of knitting season too! Well, of course you can knit all year around - but the weather starts to get cooler, the days shorter and clothes need to start getting snugglier! Bring on the knitting!

Wishing you all a wonderful break



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  1. Happy Easter Julia and family :)
    I agree after Easter it always starts to get cold!