Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Yarn Along

I'm almost finished my first sock, it's a little bit exciting. They're my first 'knitted by me, for me' socks and although I cast them on in January, I'm quite motivated to get them finished now. I've been working on quite a few patterns lately, and there's something about getting a WIP finished, which is someone else's well written pattern (Sarah Ronchetti's Basketweave Rib Socks) and is for me - which makes it quite motivating! Plus, it's definitely getting cooler now and these would look so good with my black shoes for winter! Must.knit.faster!

The book, well, it's just adorable. My oldest sister had a copy of this book when we were kids and I fondly remember reading it many many times. It popped into my head the other day when I was trying to think of books I read that I could read to my 6 year old daughter. With that, I looked up book depository and bought it for the tidy sum of $6.50NZD. It's called 'The Ordinary Princess' by M.M.Kaye and is the delicious tale of a princess who, when born is given the gifts of charm, wit and various other wonderful gifts from her Fairy Godmothers - until the last one, who isn't in the best mood at the time, gives her the gift of being Ordinary. And so, she grows up to into a mouse-coloured haired, freckled princess, who isn't content to simply throw a golden ball in the courtyard...but whose Father can't marry her off to any Prince either she's not your typical blonde and fair skinned princess. The story takes off when her Father hatches a plan which Amethyst (aka Amy) decides to rebel against.

I can't recommend it enough! And I'm well above it's target audience!


  1. Ahhh, was it yours! You can still buy it with the same cover too, love the illustrations in it :)

  2. AND.....the sock is finished too! Must cast on #2 now!

  3. oo fab socks! Lovely pattern and lovely yarn choice too :) Have added that book to my amazon favourites, sounds like the kind of story my biggest girl would like to read :)

  4. I don't recall that book at all, but I might have to look for it now! Lovely sock, hope #2 goes well :D

  5. I love love love that book! It was one of my absolute favourites as well :) I'm sure my copy is around somewhere. I can also highly recommend the Princess and the Goblin as a great non-fairytale fairytale story.

    1. Thanks! I'll have to hunt it out!