Sunday, May 30, 2010


No, nothing to do with knitting or anything - but I've been following the series LOST since it started back in 2004 I think it was.

I always thought it was a bit weird, but interesting, and hey - it was one of the few programmes that both Blair and I were happy to sit and watch together (strangely ;) he's not a fan of Grey's Anatomy or Brothers and Sisters - though he does like Glee funnily enough).

Tonight, and the last couple of episodes were meant to be the big reveal. The 'everything will click into place episodes'. Now, it might've been because I was sitting with the 'puter on my lap, a calculator in my hands and a set of random needles with some projectless yarn fiddling - but it didn't make sense to me.

I feel lost - and not exactly satisfied.

I did wonder if I'd given it my complete attention if it would've made more sense, but Blair wasn't absolutely clear on what had happened either.

Speaking of LOST - before it was on tonight, I was in a wee see, I've a couple of projects on the go at the mo which hopefully will be revealed in June - but I couldn't find something vital. I'm a bit of a geek when it comes to saving and recording things...though my non-existant system for finding where I actually put them obviously needs an overhaul as I turned the place upside down searching. It did however turn up before LOST began, hence why I wasn't completely engrossed in it.

Any other LOST followers?


  1. Totally, utterly, completely - one of the numerous reasons why Weds are out for me LOL - Mark and I watch it religiously. However, we recorded it last night so I haven't seen it yet but I did tell Mark that if it leaves me 'lost' then those show creators might just get a strongly worded letter from me!

  2. I was a late addict of the show and Dave had to explain a lot of the stuff to me as the series progressed - whos that? What is that? Whats that about? Not a show you can really start watching part way through! Plus Dave could never quite explain it to me. Saying "You'd have to have seen it from the start" is NO HELP.
    I felt a bit lost after the final too but really tying up that many loose ends that they created would be impossible. I'm just glad it's over and spmething less complicated can replace it.