Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Lucky Dip Swap

I recently took part in a Lucky Dip Swap. It was during my weekend away (which was fab, and it won't be the last one seeing as we all had a great time)

We weren't quite sure how this was going to go, but we decided to each dye yarn (there was a separate 4 ply and an 8/10ply swap) in a colourway we liked, wrap it so that people knew the colour so that everyone could select a package they'd like.

Here's the colour I dyed - it's 10ply with the base as Chuckanut Bay Yarns which is soft and squishy

Also pictured are just a fat quarter I bought to match it to wrap it in and some stitch markers I had made. I did pop in some other goodies - promise!

It's funny, because I ended up receiving the swap package from the person who received mine!

Here is a pic of the yarn

This is dyed on a base of 8ply Utiku in lovely dark peacocky tones, I think it will be perfect to knit the boy something.

I also received a tin of green tea bags, a fabulous mug that I love, a block of fancy chocie and a healthy eating mag (which is just what I needed after the weekend of lazing around with friends and knitting and eating)

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