Tuesday, May 25, 2010

There are so many things I should be doing...

And yet here I am at half past 10, writing another blog entry - the second on here for today (and I've written 3 on Coco Kids, composed 2 posts on TNN and emailed various people regarding things that of course I've decided need doing today)

I've actually got a whole host of things I should be doing...like cleaning, knitting, paying the bills online, perhaps even going to bed at some stage but to be honest, I'm not particularly enthusiastic about any of that. Hence the procrastinating.

So, instead - I'll show off a few things I've knit up lately?

An Amy Pinafore for a friend, this was in Bendigo Luxury, Purple Storm as the main colour and Iris Mist as the contrast for the ruffles. I wish I had taken a photo of it on her little girl Rose when she came to pick it up because it really did look very cute!

I've also knit a Roaring Meg lately - but with a few modifications - let me just refresh your memory as to what my last one looked like...


Here's the modified one - it has very short sleeves, no garter stitch and a moss stitch edge (and ok, it still needs buttons but finding the perfect ones has been hard). I've actually been to all the yarn and fabric shops in Lower Hutt and left them all without finding them yet.

And, while I'm showing a Justine Turner design, here's a wee test knit I've completed of hers recently - I hope she doesn't mind me sharing it already. The pattern is called 'Ember' and it's ingenious I tell you! Definitely got my brain working, but once I had it figured out I was very impressed by the construction and design of it, not to mention the speed with which it knit up. This one is destined for a special friend with a special babe.

I've actually knit a few more items up that I'm a bit 'shhh secret squirrel' about at the moment. It's for a pattern that I'm currently having tested - and man, it's a big and draining job. I don't know if I'll ever organise a pattern for testing the way it's currently being tested ever again, but here's hoping that early June I'll be able to tell you of my pattern release all going well.

I should be knitting up the next pattern in the series at the moment - the next pattern that will be tested and released - maybe that will suddenly become my priority tomorrow instead of the washing and bill paying.


  1. Hi Julia,
    I will try and get a photo of Rose in the gorgeous dress soon so that you can add it to your blog! I love it and it looks fantastic on her!
    Thanks again

  2. O MY GOSH! The Roaring Meg redesign is FABULOUS! I bet it'll be the first of many...