Friday, August 20, 2010

Gotta Make You Smile

You know when you are so focussed on something - and then looking back you find something that makes you crack up?

I was taking photos of Penny in this dress - an Eden's Eve designed by Georgie Hallam (and able to be knit by myself and any of the Coco Kids team for orders).

I used self striping magicline which is 100% cotton, and I was taking a few snaps on a day that the sun was finally shining in my conservatory. In fact it was still freezing outside, but it was nice enough to actually strip off Penny's woollen singlet and woollen layers and take a quick pic.

Anyway, I think the fit and colour of it is just lovely, but as I was going through the photos, I found this one:

I had to laugh - Tim was playing in the conservatory at the same time, but I hadn't realised he was even in the frame for this pic. It perfectly sums up my rascally little rogue.


  1. Just Beautiful xx ... i love the moments when our children get us to stop, smile and reflect - so magical