Friday, August 27, 2010

Who Doesn't Like A Cable Or Two?

I've got a bit of a thing for cables - and I recently tried popping them into the raglan of my Little Rascals pattern (these were both in the cardi version - Young Einstein)

This was the first one...the colour is all wrong, it's actually a much deeper raspberry red type colour, but you get the idea. To see more info on it you can pop here
And the back:

To do this one I used a C4B cable for the 1st and 3rd raglan and a C4F for the 2nd and 4th (to get mirrored ones on the front and back). I cabled every 6th row (starting with the 5th row)

I changed my raglan increasing with a KFB to 3 st from where the marker would be normally within the pattern. I moved my stitch markers to just after my first KFB for each raglan which worked fine I just needed to remember when dividing for the sleeves and checking stitch counts that I had moved them 2 stitches.

I thought I could make the cable pop a bit more - so this one was knit up in a lovely silky bamboo and wool blend - Bella Baby Layette.

I knit this one by using a yo for the raglan increases instead of the increasing used in the pattern. For the 1st and 3rd cables I used a C4F every 6th row and for the 2nd and 4th I used a C4B.
I do have more planned, perhaps in bigger sizes so I can pop in a bigger cable of some description, and I'm thinking this would look equally good on either a Hotshot or Little Hoodlum

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  1. Yes I'm with you on this, am a big fan of cables, especially up the edge of a raglan, but they are particularly neat when you knit in the round aren't they!