Tuesday, August 31, 2010

From The Dyepot

I've been doing a bit of yarn dyeing lately, some for items for Craft 2.0 and others just because I didn't quite have the colour I wanted in my stash for knitting.

Firstly, I dyed this yarn and knit this Kaia Babydoll for one of my niece's 1st birthday

This sunshiney yellow was dyed up to test out Shannon's new breezy pattern which is still being tested
(I'm yet to take a better modelled picture sorry, the weather's been so terrible!)

Then these have been dyed up in the last week - I was going for subtle rather than bold and bright, each is a ball of 200gms.
You should see all of the bottom 4 knit up and for sale at Wellington's Craft 2.0 on the 30th of October.


  1. love love love your dying - i'm in a subtle phaze at the moment too

    Have fun knitting for 2.0 - Sounds great

  2. Gorgeous kaia babydoll with Amelia in it! So lovely! (both the pinafore and the Amelia!)

  3. Salut!!!My name is bogdan from Romania!!!
    We can be friends ???
    I can put on your list of blogs?? thanks