Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Paige Babydoll

Another testknit - I really am a sucker for test knits, especially when I should be knitting stock frantically at the moment, but I think there's always got to be some time for knits for my kids or else knitting becomes too much of a chore rather than something enjoyable.

So, this is a pattern by my friend Rachel Evans and has a number of options. This is the full skirt option and I still need to add a ribbon to the eyelet holes around the bodice - but it looks cute without it still in my opinion.

I knit it in some Woolly Wumpkins organic merino aran (UK) I had custom dyed in a co-op last year (the colour was Nebula minus the grey from memory) and it has sat in my stash waiting for me to come by the right 10ply pattern. Voila! It was a perfect amount for the test knit and although it pooled terribly when knit from one ball in the round, alternating 2 balls every 2nd row seemed to work ok.

Ignore the delicious ball of WOOLganics, I was hoping to use this as the contrast, but the shade of brown wasn't quite the right colour to use in the end

Watch this space, I'll let you know when she's released it :)


  1. So cute! Great trim for that yarn :)

  2. oooh it looks gorgoues Julia!!! the pooling looks quite cool like that, but i cant imagine what it owuld be wihtout the alternating :P

  3. I've linked to your blog, you can find it here http://mummyzilla.blogspot.com/2010/10/blogtober-18.html