Friday, October 1, 2010

September Round-up

My needles have been working so hard lately that I've been expecting to see smoke coming off them! It's all working towards our Coco Kids stall at the next Craft 2.0 on the 30th of October (any stock not sold on the day will go up here too in my 'Items for Sale' tab in case you're after a few Chrissy pressies)

So, a collection of items you'll see at Craft 2.0:

A range of Eden's - these are little singlets/vests that can be worn on their own, under clothing or as a vest layer over the top. I've knit some in 4ply merino (great for babies) and 8ply wool and 10ply cotton, in a variety of colours and patterns


A range of Milo's - again a vest or singlet, this one is chunkier looking with a little cable pattern running down the front

Dresses and tunics for girls? There'll be a variety of knitted dresses and tunics, ranging from:

Rainbow Dresses


 I've also got some Hotshot's lined up...

As well as some Young Einstein cardies (these ones I popped cables into the raglans)

A Roaring Meg and Poppy Hat set or two
And how about some shrugs? Both Confection Shrugs and Leafy Shrugs - perfect for that spring/summer weather

Perhaps maybe a Breezy or two

What else....well, all going to plan, there'll be some items for people without kids to buy for ;) These will be great for pressies for others too I think. You might have to watch the stall for these - or check in here following the 30th.

I'm trying to think of what else I should whip up between now and the 30th that I can offer? It's not really going to be hat weather is it?! If you've any thoughts or items you'd love to see on our stall let me know! Or size/colour requests? I'll see what I can do!

Coco Kids can guarantee that we have licenses or permission from the designers of ALL the patterns we knit. We respect the wishes of the designers regarding copyright and have either purchased the rights to knit their items or have written permission.


  1. my lord woman your a machine!! - hope Craft 2.0 goes well :)

  2. Wow it all looks awesome! I love the cables on the YE's!!

  3. Wow go you I feel like I should fly to Wellington for that weekend just to come look. IS it wrong to hope they all don't sell so you have some for sale??? Good luck.

  4. Wow Ju that's AMAZING! I hope it's successful beyond your wildest dreams!