Monday, May 9, 2011

It's Nice To Be Appreciated

All mothers need a big hug and a 'thank you' on Mother's Day.

Not wanting to brag, but my husband did a superb job this year. Besides our plans for a lie-in being foiled by Timothy choosing to rip up DVD case inserts in the lounge which resulted in people being told off and crying before breakfast time, the rest of the day was lovely!

My husband must've given a great deal of thought to the gift, either that or he's got a winning formula which I'd be happy for him repeat annually, a BIG box of chocolates (fabulous!), a bunch of roses, the latest book in a series he knows I've read (with an exchange card), smellies, a bag of lollies, a fab container for putting my knitting in and best of all a beautiful card with nice stuff written inside.

Add to that him making breakfast, lunch and dinner and doing the dishes not to mention not complaining when I picked up my knitting or decided to dye some yarn and I feel pretty special. Pity that by the time I realised he'd done such a wonderful job all day he was in bed fast asleep after doing all the cooking, cleaning and kindy lunchbox making ready for Monday (I was busy going through all the KAL projects...I'm still not finished but that's another post)

Sorry to those that had stink mother's day - tell your significant others that it's not on and hope for better next year (and circle things in mailers, point out things you like, set the alarm in their phone for the day before with a comment about shopping for mother's know, stuff like that)


  1. WOW!! He is definitely a keeper... what a star you are Blair!

  2. Oh my gosh, your knitting is amazing and so gorgeous! I love it and will be back. So far my skills extend to plain stitch scarves or blankets!

  3. Yep you've got a beaut there! Good on you Blair!