Monday, May 2, 2011

A little update

Just a quick post while I remember, I've just transferred $100 to the Red Cross account for Christchurch, thank you to all the people who purchased my Teacher's Pet pattern since the 18th of March, the money all went to Christchurch (I rounded it up to a nice tidy figure :) )

And just a reminder too that my knit-a-longs are close to coming to an end, all the details for your items need to be entered into Ravelry by the 8th of May

If you didn't get to take part but would still like to do a KAL of my Little Rascals, a knit-a-long of those is just underway over on Ravelry in the Knitting For Boys group (and I reckon you can still knit it for girls ;)

And here's a picture, just because every post needs one to look pretty. Mr 10 weeks just happens to be wearing a Young Einstein I knitted (it does have all the buttons, promise...I had just started taking the cardy off when Blair wanted to chat with baby David). Now just imagine cooing noises and inhaling squeals of laughter from the both of them, gorgeous!

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  1. Delicious! Will post photo of my YE when the buttons arrive, Mahora Wool Shop have ordered more in, should be here any day!