Sunday, April 29, 2012

Yarn - it's not just for knitting...

Or crocheting, no yarn has many uses, including keeping kids occupied during the school holidays

My son Timothy was driving me a bit bonkers one day during the holidays. We were outside and I was doing one of my favourite things whilst in the back-yard (since having children anyway)...hanging out the washing. When Timothy gets in one of his funks he seems to get upset about everything and can't manage to walk properly, let alone bike without falling off it, climb the steps of the trampoline - well, you get the idea.

So, this one day, as I was hanging out the washing and Timothy was having a hard time I came across a ball of yarn in the bottom of my washing trolley. Doesn't everyone?

And I passed it to my 3 year old son, pointed to the swing frame and suggested he make a bear trap.

I can't recommend it enough! Oh the peace! The silence! The concentration on his face as he constructed his web like trap. And the trap itself - well he and his older sister had plenty of fun in it till I gave them both a pair of scissors a couple of days later and they created quite a pile of yarn for a bird to maybe use to make it's nest.


  1. Love it! Fantastic bear trap, that'll scare them off (the bears I mean)!

  2. Genius - I may just pop a ball of yarn in my basket just in case ;)

  3. future yarn bomber! Fabulous!!

  4. Very cool! Reminds me of Luke setting traps for Santa.