Thursday, May 31, 2012


I've released my latest pattern - Katniss. I actually love it lots, though I know I am biased!
Katniss is a striking yet simple and seamless pattern for a functional and fashionable tunic with cabled raglans, optional cabled hood and feature asymmetrical pockets.

Perfect for hunting and gathering, or simply shopping or hanging out with friends.This tunic looks great with jeans or leggings, with sleeves or without and seems to please all girls!

Katniss is a top down seamless raglan, with simple charts to follow whilst knitting the most challenging parts. It has been designed to be knitted using a solid or semi solid colour - specifically yarn by Olive & Emma Designer Yarns

Katniss can be knitted with either 8 ply/DK or 10 ply/worsted, however the fabric of the finished garment depend on the yarn you choose. 8ply/DK will result in a looser fabric with nice drape, 10ply/worsted weight will result in a tunic with a slightly more dense fabric.

Katniss in teen/adult sizes is currently in development and due later this year.

And I must admit, I'm really in love with all the projects my testers knitted - all the modelled ones are here, aren't they all fabulous! Mwah, thank you wonderful testers!

Katniss is being sold for $6USD - you can buy it by clicking this link (though if you check out tomorrow's post you'll see the discount code for June ;) )

Happy Knitting!




  1. Oo that's a lovely looking pattern. Looking forward to seeing the adult sizes :-)

  2. It's fantastic! I'm loving the hood and cool pockets :)

  3. I love this pattern and the easy directions. However, now I am past the nice chart where it tells you to continue the increases every 6 rows etc and I am totally lost. Is there any way to get any further details on exactly how to do this? I would have loved to have had all the instructions in the table format as that was so nice to follow. Thanks for any help anyone can offer me.