Tuesday, May 29, 2012

When you are so busy your brain starts to go fuzzy...

You start to proscrastinate don't you? When you have a billion and one things you should be doing, you decide to just muck around? I think I'm reaching the point of overload today, so I thought I'd break the cleaning and tidying in preparation for meeting with a Real Estate Agent tomorrow, along with getting pattern designing brain fuzz as I ready my Katniss pattern for release tomorrow. I also have a plunket appointment to take my 15 month old to and I know I need to fill in his plunket book with something since his 9 month visit. There's a lot I need to add to it, 7 teeth with their appearance correctly mentioned (umm, I may need to fudge this a little), as well as his crawling, his walking, his communcation, his solids eating and now his constant mischief making.

So, instead of doing any of the above, I thought I'd quickly do a blog entry :)

Rachel Booker of FeatherBrush Yarns here in New Zealand recently made and sent this for my David. It's just gorgeous, the colours are fabulous this winter, lifting a grey day. He's had lots of lovely comments about it already.

The pattern is my Little Hoodlum pattern, the stunningly soft and machine washable yarn is Rachel's hand-dyed 8ply from Featherbrush Yarns. She also has a Facebook page here.

See, that was quick right? Now, back to the other fun stuff! All going well I should have a new pattern to blog about tomorrow :)


  1. He SO suits that blue/green colourway!

  2. oh, you're better than me - my plunket/health visitor books are almost empty! My kids have to rely on my ageing memory...