Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Introducing my latest series of patterns - The Poplar Collection

It includes a simply written scarf pattern - in 4ply/fingering weight, 8 ply/DK and 10ply/worsted weight

A blanket pattern in 3 sizes - Dolly, Baby (good for strollers and bassinets) and Throw (fits a baby cot or great for a throw in your living room) which knits up quickly in double stranded 8ply/DK

And a quick and easy dishcloth pattern, that also handily doubles as a gauge swatch for the blanket, also knitted in double stranded 8ply/DK

The blurb from the pattern:

"When looking at the result of the lace used in this pattern it reminded me of rows of tall narrow trees, similar to the borders of Poplars often used as farm windbreaks across New Zealand.
This pattern is quick and simple, producing a beautiful looking item. With a very easy to memorise pattern I hope it will become a one you love to knit, wear and use."

With this series of patterns I was aiming for something simple to follow, easy to knit, practical and yet something that others would oooh and aaah over.

The pattern bundle is for sale both via here (see the right hand column and click the link) and on Ravelry for the introductory price of $4USD. Each pattern is stand-alone and can be printed out independently of the others.

These patterns are also license free - which means that you can knit any of them for sale if you'd like. If you'd like me to add you to my list of knitters here on my blog for these patterns then please just let me know your details via email and I'll add you in. I often have people ask me if I could knit them items they see here or for details of custom knitters. If you are knitting for sale all I ask is that you credit it back to my pattern.

Thank you to all those involved in these patterns - to my fabulous testers, Kristen, Shelley, Casey, Margaret, Rachel, Vicki, Adriana, Lynley, Nikki, Emma, Rachel and Kylie. You can see their amazing projects if you click here.

And these photographs were taken by Rachael Brown Photography, she's just amazing isn't she?

Happy Knitting!




  1. Go you! Thanks so much for asking me - I LOVE the pattern and the products - and those dish cloths - I am a whole new raving fan of those and can't believe its taken me so long to discover them! You are amazing! x

    1. Your photos are wonderful Rachael! They make my patterns look finished, thanks!

  2. I love the leafy pattern Julia. Hawkes Bay is full of poplars with their pretty rustling leaves so I can see the connection you feel for them.

    Best wishes with it all