Sunday, September 30, 2012

Getting ready for the holidays!

It's the first Monday of the school holidays here in New Zealand tomorrow. I know a lot of people find the holidays hard work, children bickering and complaining they are bored (I have vivid memories of doing this to my mum constantly during the holidays), but I am SO looking forward to a little break from my role as child taxi-driver!

So, we're taking a little time to make a list of some things the kids would like to do over the holidays. I might share some of these on Monday, but they're not 'set' for specific days yet. Inside activities might be saved up for wet weather days, or for when we need a break from our adventures.

My aim is to post photos each day of what we've been up to too.

Who's in? I'd love people to join us and spend a little time enjoying moments of their school holidays rather than counting down till school goes back! And with the list of activities, when the kids start that fighting or moaning just choose something and go for it!

Holidays are to be enjoyed, by everyone!

Here's just a few pics from our Saturday - it was dress-up and enjoying the sunshine yesterday.

Cowboys and tigers
Butterflies and chrysalis'
Ahhh, sitting in the sun eating a carrot - bliss!
We've had some great adventures today (Sunday) too, so I'll pop up some pics about it tomorrow.

Happy holidays!

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