Monday, September 17, 2012

Yarnies I love #2 - Featherbrush Yarns

I didn't intend to follow my post #1 so quickly - but seeing as Rachel of Featherbrush Yarns is having a stocking tonight on Facebook I thought it would make sense to post so that people could possibly join in with that if they wanted.

This is one of Rachel's photo's from a previous yarn stocking

I love Rachel of Featherbrush Yarns - she's been dyeing a while and I have some of her lovelies sitting in my stash right now, waiting for me to cast them on...these ones here.
Actually...I have just remembered I have one more package, sitting waiting for me to photograph it too! A lovely yellow that I won and I'm going to cast on for a new design when I feel a little more motivated!
Rachel is able to dye trims and variegateds as well as dyeing lovely semi solids. In her shop you'll also find handmade buttons and WIP bags by Amie of Purple Sheep.
Rachel's a great knitter (and pattern tester). She knitted her lovely yarn into a Hoodlum for my David - this is her Splice and matching trim. David gets comments on it where-ever he wears it!

So, check out her Facebook page for more details on her stocking tonight - I think her stocking tonight is using a lovely new merino base with amazing yardage too!

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  1. okay - I'm hooked now - can't wait to see who else comes up. Coming back to NZ one day sounds more exciting by the minute :)