Friday, October 23, 2009

Handmade Wooden Swifts

(Thanks for the photo of the swift in use Belinda/Matisse)

'But what's a swift?' I hear you ask?
Take a gander at this amateur vid we shot HERE

My husband Blair is able to make wooden swifts to make wool hanking and winding easier. I think it came about after he had to sit there for about an hour and a half with his hands out while we balled up 160gms of 2ply (laceweight). Blair is an engineer and has an eye for perfection as well as having been brought up hanging out with his Dad in his man-cave.

Very stable with a well balanced wide base. Made from high quality sturdy and carefully chosen materials. They have easily adjustable pegs so can wind skeins and hanks of various lengths. All the pieces fit together beautifully as well as coming apart easily so it can be stored in a cupboard or under the bed - approx 80 cms in length disassembled (mine lives in bag hanging on a hook in the laundry).

They can be made to order for $60.

Postage is $7.50 to the North Island, $12.50 to the South Island and $18NZD Airmail to Australia (in AUD including postage it works out to around $60 altogether)

Email me,  for more information or to order. I do accept paypal payments as long as you cover the fees.

'And how do I assemble it after I get it?'
Look no further, hopefully your question will be answered HERE (email me if you're still having difficulties)

Thanks Ali for letting us use your picture, it's actually borrowed from her blog, Blair's first customer!


  1. They look great! .. finally finished the first batch of Swift Sacks too :)

  2. The swift arrived this morning. It is fantastic!
    I have to force myself not to drop every thing and play with it at once.
    I want to un-skein all my yarn right now.
    and it spins beautifully.
    You guys did a great job- I love it,
    thank you so much.