Sunday, October 11, 2009

Juliette - Skirty or Skirted Soaker

What a cutey! Ok, if I do say so myself! Wish I had had one of these for Penny years ago though! I think she would've got a lot of wear out of one this size.

This wee gem (which comprises of a combined patter of Tia Novick and Kelly Brookers Vanilla) can be knitted either with or without a soaker underneath and either in this full and pleated version, or in a straight A-line version. The one pictured is a medium which fits both my 10 month, 10 kilo babe with chucky thighs (with a nappy) and my 12 kilo, 2 1/2 year old without a nappy (though in saying that as she would wear a nappy the same size as my 10 month old it would probably fit fine with that as well)

This one is knitted as a skirty soaker, it completely covers the bottom and nappy or underwear. I think for my 2 1/2 year old for spring I'll knit her a skirty without the soaker part - I am able to knit either option for you.
This is knitted in variegated The Wool Company yarn - they have a good range of both slid and matching variegated colour yarns that I am happy to knit with if you'd like.
Sizes that I can knit this in are newborn, small, medium, large and xtra large. Please email me at if you'd like me to make one for you.

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