Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Looking Glass Longies

I'm now licensed to knit Looking Glass Longies (yet another fabulous pattern by Kelly Brooker). I've knit a fair few pairs of longies since my addiction with knitting took over my leisure time, and love popping them together as a set with a wee hat or something. All of the ones pictured are full length ones, but I'd be more than happy to knit some shorties or capri length, with cuffs of your choice - frills, moss stitch...whatever! They will be made with an i-cord waistband unless you specify otherwise

(Click on pic to enlarge it)

This pattern ensures a super fit in my opinion. A clever panel of rib on both hips makes them able to stretch over massive cloth bottoms (stuffed for night time) as well as relaxing to go over bottoms with disposables without looking too baggy. Kelly has also written the pattern to include extra rows in the bottom to make sure there is room for nappies

Sizes NB, Small, Medium, Large and Xtra Large, prices starting at $35 a pair

Please contact me for more information regarding sizing and yarn. I can also lanolise (specially waterproof) if you were wanting to use them as a waterproof layer over nappies. You will need to re-lanolise every couple of months (depending on frequency of use) or when it begins to lose it's moisture resistance.

Contact me also if you were wanting information on how to lanolise woollen items - I am happy to provide you with more information to easily do it yourself if you wish (as well as for items not knitted by me)

Note: in the picture only the variegated red and brown coloured ones are made to the LGL pattern
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