Monday, October 5, 2009

All Year Round Vest - Custom Knitting

A few more F.O's - these have been whipped up to try and perfect a pattern that I *hope* to be knitting a few of shortly. I love the idea of this item being able to be worn all year round, over a long sleeved top to add a warmer layer, as a singlet in the summer on it's own, or under tops and onesies as a singlet to keep children warmed.

This is the 3-6 month size from the pattern knit in a tencel blend yarn (10ply) by Patons, with a lace bottom.

It's evolved to this, 8ply, basic garter stitch (more unisex) hemline (have some other ideas too including seed stitch and something else I'll only share if it looks good) and thicker straps. This is knit with Bella Baby Layette, 80% bamboo and 20% wool. I love how silky this stuff feels!

And while the neck perhaps looks narrow, there's no worry getting these babies over heads. I had to try the one that might fit my *wee* man on him. I'll share a pic but bear in mind he wears size 1 tops and the top I knit was not that size (so too snug and not the best look but you get the idea)

(what the lace looks like closer up)

I have the permission to knit these for sale so please email me if you'd like to order one or more information.

Prices are:
0-3m approx 40cm chest - $22

3-9m approx 44cm chest - $24

9-12m approx 48cm chest - $27

12-24m approx 52cm chest - $30

24-48m approx 56cm chest - $34

4-5y approx 60cm chest - $39

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