Sunday, November 22, 2009

Need Photos?

It's so exciting when friends launch their own WAH (work at home) businesses.

A teaching buddy of mine Rachael has just launched her new photography business - check it out here, she's amazing.

I'm so excited about it too because not only does she take fabulous photos, but she approached me about knitting some hats for a newborn-infant photo shoot she is doing early in 2010. And as I don't have the permissions/licenses to knit all the hats she'd like, she's part-paying me with a photo shoot for my family.

How exciting is that! So watch this space to
a) see the photos of the finished hats - some of which are new ones that will be added to my custom knitting list
b) see the family/kids shots courtesy of Rach
and c) find out how I'm going to lose 20kgs (yeah right!) before I get my photo taken

All the best for your venture Rach!

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