Sunday, November 1, 2009

It's Launch Day!

Welcome to my blog!

You'll see a lot of this wee guy of mine, and his big sister here as my models. Both these pics were taken yesterday when we were enjoying hanging outside.

I'm a little nervous actually, up until now I've been blogging without an audience...just giving myself a chance to get things up and running before inviting others. But the 1st of November is here and although I don't know if I'm mentally ready yet to be 'public' - I've got to start sometime!

You'll see that I have permission to knit a number of items - if you are the first customer that I book (and it doesn't have to be for November) then you'll be able to choose a free matching item to accompany your order when it arrives!

You can choose from a:
Pinny for a Dolly
Daisy Clutch Bag
Vanilla Soaker (newborn size)
Cupcake Hat
All Year Round Vest (newborn size)

AND - for the next 3 orders I book, you'll receive a free itti bitti britches, to use either as a christmas decoration or keyring - made to match the item(s) you order if you wish.

If you'd like to order anything or contact me with any enquiries then please email me via

You may have come here from Coco Kids - a great new venture that I am part of along with my friends Ali and Kate. Feel free to visit there too and have a look around!

I'd love some followers too - go on 'follow me' and add me to your blogroll!


  1. Wonderful Blog Julia :)
    i look forward to seeing what you come up with!

  2. Woohoo, go Julia. Well done on your new venture. Lucky you, what great partners you have. Wishing you every success!!!!

    Now I better get off my butt and sort out my own online shop :-)

  3. Congratulations hun! Wishing you all the very best success :D