Thursday, November 5, 2009

~ For You ~

I decided it was time I knitted something for my baby boy (who's not such a baby any more). When you are due to have a babe in Summer and you don't find out what flavour you are having, you don't (ok, well I haven't) do all the pre-baby knitting. In fact, I did no pre-baby knitting for my beloved boy.

And then, when our wonderful wee boy did arrive, there were lots of other people to knit for that were due to have babes (once the new baby fog lifted).

Seeing as Timothy has been bursting up and out of all the knitted things we have had for him, I decided that it was time I knitted him something special. I found the most gorgeous yarn and had it custom dyed, this colourway was created by Mich at Woollywumpkins for me, it's a 10ply/aran organic merino in the colourway 'treetops'.

Then the pattern - Debbie Bliss' Ribbed Baby Jacket. I decided on the size 12-24 months as Tim doesn't fit anything under a size 1 these days (and seeing as it's only 6 weeks till he turns 1 that's no surprise).

Then the knitting, it was a great, soft, easy, quick knit.

And the result, a lovely jacket...but not as fitting as I'd like. It is a bit big for Tim at the moment, but come winter when it's cold and he's wearing plenty of layers I'm sure he'll look like warm and snuggly in it.

I suppose Tim's big sister might get to wear it first? That's one way to make the most of forking out for luxury yarn (though Mich did offer fabulous prices!) Gotta love green yarn! Suits boys and girls equally well I think.


  1. Oh it looks wonderful Julia. Cool that P can wear it for a bit then T get's it. Looks like a lovely pattern. Well done.

  2. Thats gorgeous hun :)
    DB patterns are well known for being *ahem* rather generous in the sizings. My Mum has got a lot of her pattern books and its always great for a giggle to read through and see the models wearing jerseys that look like they are 2 or 3 sizes too big for them!

  3. That's lovely Julia! The wool is gorgeous, the wee boy divine - and the cardigan is very cool!

  4. Oh what a lovely jacket Ju! And Penny looks superb in it, as will Tim when she grows out of it. Gorgeous colour, and looks so soft and yummy!